Setting up a Competitor using Stolen Business Contacts

2014-05-05 - How To Protect Against Employees Setting Up a Competitor using Your Contacts - Lighter HR

This post runs through some recent case law which provides insights into employees attempting to steal business contacts to set up a rival business. It then provides guidance on how to protect your business from the same situation.

Changing terms and conditions of employment – can it be done?

2017-02-22 - Changing Terms and Conditions of Employment - Lighter HR

Changing terms and conditions of employment can be difficult. We’ve recently had a number of our clients ask whether they can change their employees’ terms and conditions of employment, particularly following a TUPE transfer. A simple answer is yes you can, but you need to follow a diligent process and be aware of potential pitfalls.

Employment Contracts:
Are Yours Up-to-date?

2017-07-28 - Employment Contracts - Are Yours Up-to-date - Lighter HR

Now we know employment contracts are not the most exciting of topics but they can become exciting when you want to rely on them to protect your business! Employment law and employment law interpretation change constantly but when was the last time you updated your contract?

Post Termination Restrictions:
What You Can and Can’t Do

2017-01-03 - Post Termination Restrictions - What You Can and Can't Do - Lighter HR

When a key employee leaves your organisation, one of your concerns may be whether they are about to steal your clients and intellectual property. It is common practice to include post-termination restrictions within your employment contract to limit this. Our post covers what you should consider to ensure the covenants are enforceable.

What’s More Important:
The Contract or The Reality?

2012-10-08 - What's More Important - The Employment Contract or Reality - Lighter HR

There have been two cases in recent months which have reinforced the need to ensure that your employment contract reflects the reality of the working relationship you have with your employees. We provide insight into these cases then guidance on employment contracts.