Outsourced HR

It’s just like you have your own in-house HR team

Expert HR support that fits the size and shape of your business…

When you have a fully staffed HR team you have all eventualities covered.  You have someone who deals with HR admin, someone who deals with day-to-day HR challenges and then someone who offers you strategic HR advice around growth plans, employee development and managing the more complex employee issues that arise.  They know your people, business and culture and are part of your team.  The thing is, this comes at a cost and for most small and medium sized businesses it just doesn’t make economic sense. Our Outsourced HR service provides a practical alternative.

By using Lighter HR’s Outsourced HR service you can have access to all of the skills you need when you need them, without the overhead of having lots of people on your payroll. We’ll work to understand your people, business and culture, so you’ll feel like your consultants are part of your team (just like an in-house HR team would) whilst also bringing with us our experience of working with lots of businesses just like yours.

One of the key advantages of our Outsourced HR service is that you can have a solution in place that meets your needs now, and when those needs change you can quickly change the level and type of support you get. The service has been designed to offer you full flexibility.

Outsourced HR

HR Experts That Know You and Your Business

Assigned consultants that get to know you and your business, providing you continuity of service and advice aligned to your company culture.

Flexible Support to Meet Business Needs

The amount of support you receive can be increased or decreased easily, so the service you get is always the service you need.

No Long-Term Tie-In

The notice period for services agreements is only 30 days as we believe that you’ll stay with us because you want to, not because you have to.

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Benefits of our
Outsourced HR Support

The Support You Need

You decide the onsite and offsite hours; these can be at specific times each week or month, on demand, or a bit of both

Discounted Rates

The cost of the service hours is discounted; the discount is naturally dependent on the volume of agreed hours

Rollover Hours

Any Service Hours that you don’t use in the month will rollover so they are available for you to use in future months

Assigned Consultants

You have 2 consultants that get to know your managers and your business, so you and your team always know who to go to

Priority Support

You are guaranteed that all your service requests will be responded to quickly otherwise you’ll get money back

Only 1 Month’s Notice

We’re confident that you’ll want to stay with us because of the great service you get, so there’s only a 30-day notice period

See our Outsourced HR FAQ for more details

What our clients say…
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Outsourced HR FAQ

How does it work?

Our Outsourced HR service is fully flexible. We’ll talk with you to understand what you’re looking for the service to do. Do you want us to perform all of your HR administration? Or do you want us to operate more at the manager level and give guidance on more complex issues? Do you want us to form part of your Senior Management Team and help you set HR strategy? All of it! It’s really up to you.

Having understood what you’re looking to achieve we’ll provide you with a package that gives you an appropriate number of hours of each type of resource (HR Administrator, HR Manager or HR Director). This will be a best guess based on our experience of working with companies similar to yours and we’ll review after 3 months to see whether it’s the right level of support. We typically suggest a slightly higher level of support for the first three months as there can be some historic issues that you want to address. After that remedial work is done you can move to a more “business-as-usual” level of support. It’s entirely up to you.

A key feature of our Outsourced HR service is that any hours that you don’t use in a month roll forward so if you end up not using all of your hours in a month then you won’t lose out.

Another key feature is the flexibility that we offer. You can turn the support up and down with a month’s notice to deal with peaks and troughs in demand.

How long is the support contract for? How long am I tied-in to a contract?

The contract can either be for a fixed duration or an on-going basis.

With either of those options you can always terminate the agreement with one month’s notice.

We want our clients to work with us because they want to, not because they signed a contract that they can’t get out of!

How much does it cost?

The monthly fee will depend on the level of support that you need. Once we’ve spoken with you and understood the level of support that you’re looking for we’ll let you know the price.

Is there a restriction on hours?

There’s a minimum of four hours support per month on the Outsourced HR package but there’s no maximum.

If you’re looking for less than four hours of support per month we’d still be more than happy to work with you but this will be on a “Pay as You Go” basis with support just being charged per hour at standard rates.

Will I always speak with the same person?

Largely, yes but……employment law says that we have to let our team take holiday sometimes!

To make sure that you always get to speak to someone that you know, we work in teams of two.

You’ll be appointed a primary and secondary consultant. The primary consultant will be your first point of contact but, if they aren’t available you can contact your secondary consultant who you’ll know and who will know you and what’s happening with any active issues.

If you have further questions, call us on 0203 319 1649 and we can go through the options available to you.