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Welcome to Lighter HR!
Welcome to Lighter HR!

HR Consultancy for London and
South East England

HR Consultancy for London and South East England

HR Services

As an HR Consultancy we offer a full range of HR services to help you deal with every element of employing and managing people. We offer services to make sure you meet your legal obligations as an employer, services to help you develop and get the most out of your team, and services that help you deal with employee issues such as disciplinary situations and grievances.

HR Support Plans

Our HR Support Plans are designed for companies who do not want or need a permanent in-house HR resource yet want and need guidance and advice from an HR professional. The plans are flexible, with no tie-in period, meaning that they can change with the changing needs of your business.

Offsite HR Support

Phone and email support for your HR issues,
with periodic review of HR contracts and policies.

Onsite and Offsite HR Support

Regular onsite ‘surgeries’ with unlimited offsite support
for urgent matters, and keeping HR contracts and policies up-to-date.

HR Consultancy for London and the South East

Welcome to Lighter HR!

We’re an HR consultancy and we offer a range of services and support plans that help you deal with everything that comes with employing and managing people.

When you employ people it’s inevitable that you’re going to need some form of HR support. It could be just a one off exercise to help you put contracts and policies in place – we can do that. It could be that you’ve got more people and you want to work out how to manage them effectively – we can do that. It could that you have an underperforming employee and need help with a disciplinary situation – we can do that. It could be that you want regular on-site or off-site HR support because managing people is taking up too much of your time – we can do that.

In short, if you need some form of help that relates to your employees – that’s what we do!

And if you still working out what to do with your company’s HR, we can provide you an Interim HR Manager to bridge the gap.

At Lighter HR we have two key beliefs:

  • HR really doesn’t have to be complicated
  • HR, when done properly, contributes to business success

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