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About Lighter HR
About Lighter HR

Supporting Your Business Success
through HR Excellence

Supporting Your Business Success
through HR Excellence

Our Approach to HR Consultancy

At Lighter HR we have two key beliefs:

  • HR really doesn’t have to be complicated
  • HR adds business value when done properly

We don’t believe in ‘tick-box’ HR where the only driver is to make sure that you have done everything you have to do. We believe passionately that really good HR practices can transform a business and that’s exactly what we provide.

There are times when managing people effectively can seem like a dark art. Between the complexities of UK employment law and trying to work out how to get the best from your team it can seem that you spend more time dealing with people than you do actually running your business. We’re here to help you.

We really like this people stuff. Strange as it may sound, we enjoy the complexities of employment law and working out how to help businesses achieve their overall objectives through the best use of their people.

We enjoy making sure that HR processes and policies are both practical and protect our clients. We take pride in helping our clients to understand their actual risk in tricky situations rather than their perceived risk and these two things are often very different.

About Lighter HR Solutions

We’re an HR consultancy and at the most basic level we provide HR consultancy services!

We know that there are many HR consultancies to choose from but here’s why we think you should choose us:

We have been there and done it

Our consultants have worked in companies of all sizes from the very big to the very small – and dealt with every type of issue from the very dull to the very interesting! Our team have also held business focused roles, so, although we are all qualified HR professionals, we understand the need for solutions to be practical, cost effective and relevant.

We don’t create drama

Managing people can be difficult enough without a Consultant arriving to tell you how everything you’ve done is wrong.  You’ve clearly been doing many things right as you’ve got a business and employees.  Our approach is take what’s already working and build on it.  The basics may already be there but the needs of your business may have changed.  We take what you have and evolve it to meet the needs of your growing business.

We’re here to support you

We work in a way that suits you. If you just want us to be at the end of the phone to offer support, that’s fine. If you want someone on site to take care of HR for you, that’s fine too. We’re happy to help either way.

We’re great to work with

As conceited as that may sound – it’s both true and important.  Many of our clients are facing very stressful situations when they first contact us and they need to feel comfortable with us very quickly.  We’re good at building relationships and giving our clients a sense of confidence that we know what we’re doing and we’re their to help. 

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