Diversity and Inclusion Surveys

Find out if you provide an inclusive work environment

Understanding whether different demographics receive the same treatment in your workplace can support your diversity and inclusion strategy

A diversity and inclusion survey will give you insight into whether a particular demographic has a better or worse experience of working for your organisation. When you consider your workforce you may feel that you have achieved a great deal of diversity but, it’s important to understand how different demographics feel about their work experience. Is there a particular group of people who feel that they don’t have the same opportunities as others?

There is little point having a diverse workforce if particular demographics have an extremely negative work experience with your organisation.

By conducting a diversity and inclusion survey, not only will you get firm statistics on how diverse your workforce is, you’ll also understand whether you are providing a truly inclusive workplace.

We provide support for your business with running diversity and inclusion surveys. We can provide guidance to you and your managers on the creation, execution, review and analysis of results. Alternatively, we can run the survey on your behalf and present the findings and recommendations to your senior team.

For more details, see our Diversity and Inclusion Surveys FAQ

Support for Diversity and Inclusion Surveys

Guidance on the Approach

You’ll speak with one of our experts and they will talk you through the different types of survey and help you to decide which approach would work best for your business. We can give you some tips and advice on structuring the survey and you can go it alone from there.

Full Support

We’ll still have the conversation with you to decide on the best approach, but we’ll then conduct the survey on your behalf, complete the analysis and provide you with the results. Where appropriate, we’ll also work with you to create a plan to address the key themes that have emerged from the survey.

LighterHR - Diversity & Inclusion Surveys

Key Service Features
for our Diversity and Inclusion Survey Service

Support from an experienced HR Consultant who has created and analysed many Diversity and Inclusion Surveys, and who can advise you on the options for your business.

Insight into what your survey results reveal and, more importantly, the types of actions you could take to improve employee engagement.

Expert guidance on the questions that you should ask your employees to gain the insight you are looking to obtain.

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Diversity and Inclusion Surveys FAQ

Do I need to do an Diversity and Inclusion Survey?


There is no requirement for you to undertake an Diversity and Inclusion Survey but there are many benefits in doing so.

We explore some simple steps for employers to take for improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace in our post but, rather than needing to guess what your employees are thinking and what it is that is important to them, by undertaking a survey you’ll know for sure.

By completing a survey, you can spend your time and money on initiatives that will have real impact.

Are there any downsides to doing a Diversity and Inclusion Survey?


If you are not prepared to take some actions based on the information you receive then you are better not to do a survey.

Of course, there’s no expectation that you will fix everything that gets raised through a survey, but you do need to be prepared to be honest about what the survey has revealed and look to take some steps that address the issues that your employees have raised.

How often should I run an Diversity and Inclusion Survey?

As a minimum, a Diversity and Inclusion Survey should be annual; ideally, it should be every six months.

If you leave too long a gap between surveys then it can become difficult to identify what may be causing a change in results.

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