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With the right people and the right skills, you can achieve anything

Having defined your business goals you need to take the thinking to the next level to consider how you are going to achieve what you are setting out to achieve. There’ll be marketing activity you need to undertake, maybe launching new products and services, and potentially changes to your behind-the-scenes operations. You’ll need an HR Strategy to help you make sure that you’ve thought through what you need from your team.

A practical HR Strategy is an actionable, visual representation of where you’re goingwhat you need to do and by when. It’s effectively a ‘people’ strategy, designed to fit in with your business strategy, to help advance your business to the next level.

It’s difficult to oversell the value that an effective HR strategy can deliver. It sounds so “consultancy” as a term which can put some people off but you will really struggle to meet your business goals unless you think through what you need from a people perspective.

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Flexible Support for
HR Strategy

Guidance on the Essentials

You’ll have guidance on the areas to be considered, ideas appropriate to your business that have proven successful, and be provided with templates, as well as having support by phone and email.

Full HR Strategy and Actionable Plan

We’ll meet with you and your team to understand your business goals, what you need from your employees to meet those goals and then provide you with both your strategy document and an actionable plan. We can also provide ongoing support to review progress and overcome any issues.

Key Service Features
for Creating an HR Strategy

Clarity in areas of strategic focus in relation to your employees

Confidence that you are doing the right things to help you achieve your business goals

A dedicated HR expert to support and challenge your assumptions, helping you make sure you’ve considered different options

Valuable insider insight into how other businesses are succeeding with their HR Strategy

See our HR Strategy FAQ for more details

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HR Strategy FAQ

What is an HR Strategy?

Put simply, it’s a comprehensive plan about all things people related.

An HR Strategy sets out what you need to do in relation to your people in order to achieve your business plans. Before you can have an HR Strategy, you do need to have a business plan or at least, a clear understanding of how you think your current approach to HR is holding you back.

The HR Strategy will cover areas such as the skills you require and how you’re going to get them, the approach that you want to take to pay and benefits, how your teams should be structured in order for you to operate in the most efficient way.

Does my business need an HR Strategy?

It depends!

It could very well be that an HR Strategy isn’t right for your business and it’s a hammer to crack a nut! It could be that really you’ve got a couple of HR issues that you want to deal with but that a full HR Strategy isn’t the right way to go.

An HR Strategy tends to be most useful when you’re trying to take your business in a different direction and you need to make some changes within your team in order to achieve that switch. An HR Strategy is key if you’re focusing on growth for your business as business growth brings with it all sorts of people challenges.

The best way to work this out is to give us a call. If, when you talk with us, we think there’s a different, simpler way to achieve your goals then we’ll let you know.

How will Lighter HR help me create an HR Strategy?

We use several tools to help you define your HR strategy, including a 12-month plan to turn your strategy into a reality.

Starting with ‘What’. This involves posing a few key questions to you, like:

. Do your employees need new skillsets?
. How will you attract the talent needed to reach your business goals?
. How will you motivate your employees to help achieve those business goals?
. How will you reward your employees?

Using our knowledge and experience of your business and industry, we challenge your assumptions to be sure your goals are realistic and of real benefit to your business.

Next, it’s the ‘How’. You need to avoid falling into the trap of becoming over-burdened and over-worked -a common tendency for devoted business owners. To achieve this, we work with you to define your ‘vital few’ – a considered set of priority actions that must be done to reach your goals and make best use of your time.

Finally, the ‘Where’. This is a condensed one-page practical strategy that presents a clear path for you to follow and defines what you need to do and by when.

Do you only work with specific industries?

When it comes to HR strategy you will want to work with someone who has some insight into how your business works and the challenges it faces.

Between our team, we’ve got it covered! There really isn’t a sector that we don’t have experience in but let’s be clear – we definitely won’t know more about your business or the sector in which you operate than you do – and we won’t pretend we do! We’re experts in HR. We know what needs to happen in order for you to shape your team so that it helps you achieve your business goals. You’re the expert in your business and your sector.

By pulling on your knowledge and ours, you’ll end up with an HR strategy that works for you.

If you have further questions, call us on 0203 319 1649 and we can go through the options available to you.