TUPE Transfers: Answers to TUPE FAQ

2020-02-18 - TUPE Transfers - Answers to TUPE FAQ - Lighter HR

TUPE has been in place in the UK since 1981 and yet remains one of the most complicated and frustrating piece of employment legislation. Nonetheless, it’s here to stay for now so we thought it would be prudent to answer the most FAQs we receive on TUPE.

When Does TUPE Apply?

2017-03-23 - When Does TUPE Apply - Lighter HR

An overview of what TUPE is, when it generally applies and what the basic responsibilities are for the employers involved.

Preparation Tips for Performance Appraisals

Preparation Tips for Performance Appraisals - LighterHR

In this blog post we give practical guidance on what to think about when preparing for and delivering an appraisal. This should help you ensure both you and your employees benefit from the time you are investing.

Does Company Culture Really Matter?

2017-04-06 - Does Company Culture Really Matter - Lighter HR

Establishing a company culture may sound like a very broad statement but in most cases it’s something that already exists and just needs nurturing. Here is some simple guidance on how to establish and develop the company culture you want.

Changing terms and conditions of employment – can it be done?

2017-02-22 - Changing Terms and Conditions of Employment - Lighter HR

Changing terms and conditions of employment can be difficult. We’ve recently had a number of our clients ask whether they can change their employees’ terms and conditions of employment, particularly following a TUPE transfer. A simple answer is yes you can, but you need to follow a diligent process and be aware of potential pitfalls.

Post Termination Restrictions:
What You Can and Can’t Do

2017-01-03 - Post Termination Restrictions - What You Can and Can't Do - Lighter HR

When a key employee leaves your organisation, one of your concerns may be whether they are about to steal your clients and intellectual property. It is common practice to include post-termination restrictions within your employment contract to limit this. Our post covers what you should consider to ensure the covenants are enforceable.