Management Training

Training to develop skills in managing teams and individuals

Managing people doesn’t happen by magic, nor is it a dark art

Managing people can be daunting and tough; equally, it can be rewarding and enjoyable. Often, those who struggle simply aren’t equipped with the skills needed to get the best out of their teams. Management training makes the difference.

Having a well-managed team is vital for business growth. Without a team of skilled and confident people managers, you’re likely to be met with increasingly dissatisfied staff and high employee turnover.

Management Training can help you to equip your people managers with the skills they need to perform well in their role.

Management HR Training Courses

We offer a wide range of management training courses including:

and many more…

All of our courses can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Key Service Features
for Management Training

A range of training modules tailored to your requirements, delivered at your offices or ours

An opportunity to develop consistency in how your managers manage your people

Delivery by an experienced HR professional with real-life examples and support on live issues

Modules can be delivered individually or combined into a training programme

See our Management Training FAQ for more details

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Management Training FAQ

Do people really need to be trained on how to manage? Isn’t it just common sense?

Whilst managing people may come naturally to some and feel like common sense, that’s not the same for everyone.

Some people really don’t understand what the role of manager is, don’t feel that there’s a need to set time aside for management activity and can panic when faced with an employee who questions their decisions or is underperforming.

Almost everyone benefits from training in the skills associated with people management.

There are public courses, can’t I just send my people on those?

Of course, you can, and this is a completely valid option.

There are, however, some advantages to having the training delivered in-house, including:

. The management training is tailored to your business and how you do things – there’s nothing more frustrating that sitting in a training course thinking that nothing that you’re being taught would work in your organisation.
. You’ll get your team together – this is one of the biggest benefits. Having your managers in one room can really bring them together as a team.
. People can speak freely – in a room where you’re surrounded by managers from other businesses, you may not want to speak openly as you won’t want them to know how your business does things.
. You get talk to about live issues – the management training can really come to life as people can give examples of live issues that they are trying to deal with and get immediate guidance and support.

If you just have a single person to train then it probably will be best to look for a public course, but if you’ve a group of managers (3 or more) who could all benefit from some training, then our management training solutions could be right for you.

How do the management training modules work?

Each module has been designed to be delivered in 4 hours.

You can pick a single topic if there’s an area that you want to brush up on or you can pick a range of topics that can be combined to form a management development training programme that can be delivered across a number of weeks.

Are there any hidden costs?

We have a catalogue of training modules that are fixed price.

If you want these modules to be tailored for you or if you want us to develop training in a new topic then there will be an additional cost but they won’t be hidden. We’ll be completely upfront with you regarding the costs associated with the tailoring or development that you want so there are no surprise invoices at the end.

If you have further questions, call us on 0203 319 1649 and we can go through the options available to you.