Career Development Frameworks

Career Development Frameworks

Support with creating and embedding a career development framework

Is where you want them to go where they want to go?

Career progression within a small and medium business can be a challenge, and career development frameworks can help.

You want to be able to demonstrate that individuals can build a career within your company without creating inflated job titles or by promoting everyone to ‘manager’ when they don’t actually have anyone or anything to manage.

A career development framework isn’t right for every business. However, if you compete for talent with large organisations or work in a business where your employees look for progression, then putting a career development framework in place might be exactly what you need.

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Support Options for
Career Development Frameworks

Guidance on the Essentials

You’ll have guidance on career development framework best practice and be given ideas and templates that you can develop and implement yourself.

Full Support

We take care of everything, including creating the career development framework (in collaboration with you), structure an assessment process, training sessions for employees and managers, and support embedding into your business culture and practices.

Key Service Features
for Career Development Frameworks

Manage and retain your employees through a clear structure for skills development and future progression

Your employees will be clear on what you expect of them and how they can progress through the business

Specialist HR guidance in capturing the skills your business needs now and in the future

Support in embedding the career development framework into your business

See our Career Development Framework FAQ for more details

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Career Development Frameworks FAQ

What is a career development framework?

We know… ‘framework’ sounds like a corporate buzzword. Granted, while it may be jargon-y, a career development framework is an important document.

It details key duties and responsibilities – including the skills, knowledge, and experience required for each role. It can provide insight into desired behaviours and necessary training, development and/or professional accreditations and qualifications.

It helps identify those that want to progress in their careers; those who wish to become ‘subject matter experts’ and those who wish to become managers.

It’s also a useful tool for your managers to utilise in discussions during development reviews and annual appraisals, not to mention useful when assigning projects, matching skills to assignments or recruiting new staff.

Is a career development framework important?

Honestly, not for every business and whether or not it’s important for your business is the first thing we’ll work out with you.

A career development framework is important for businesses who find that people leave after 2 or 3 years because they can’t see what their future could look like and where this staff turnover is problematic.

Now for some businesses, people only staying for 2 to 3 years is the right thing. They feel that the business benefits from the staff turnover as it means new people are joining and bringing new ideas and experiences with them. However, for many businesses this level of staff turnover is expensive, disruptive and detrimental to growth plans as they spend all of their time recruiting.

Having a career development framework in place means that people know how their career can develop with your business and they know what they need to do in order to progress. It means that rather than having to look externally for their next step, they can stay with your business and progress there.

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