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Support to help you find the right people for your business

Unicorns do exist; the key is knowing where and how to look for them

Recruiting new employees is one of the most important things you do, however, the process can often be long, frustrating and fruitless.

It can become all-consuming very quickly or, because you lack time, it can be something that really holds you back as you simply limp along without having a fully staffed team.

Through our recruitment support service, we can help you decide on exactly the role that you need to fill, source the candidates and then assess their capability and fit. Keeping you at the centre of decision-making, we can run the process to find you the best candidates whilst you carry on running your business.

Please note: We are not a recruitment agency that provides candidates. We act as your dedicated in-house HR recruitment support team.

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Service Options for
Recruitment Support

You will get the same benefit as having an in-house HR team.

You decide on the level of recruitment support you want, choosing from activities such as:

  • creating the job description(s) for you,
  • placing job adverts on your behalf,
  • liaising with recruitment agencies if you use them,
  • screening the CVs,
  • undertaking initial telephone interviews, and
  • designing your assessment process.

You’ll then be advised of progress and can focus your attention on making recruitment decisions (rather than managing the administration and logistics).

Key Service Features
for Recruitment Support

Professional review of your recruitment requirements and guidance on the best approach to finding candidates

CV screening and initial telephone interviews so that you just meet the best candidates

Recruitment support to create a process that helps you find and hire the best person for the job

HR intuition; experience enables us filter out candidates who aren’t all they seem

See our Recruitment Support FAQ for more details

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Recruitment Support FAQ

How does Lighter HR’s Recruitment Support service work?

The overall aim of our recruitment support service is to save you time and to help you make sure you hire the right people.

Firstly, we find out more about your business and the role(s) you need to fill. From there, you can decide what level of recruitment support you are looking for. We can work with you to create the job description and define your recruitment process. We can brief recruitment agencies and screen CVs. We can conduct an initial telephone screening and even attend face-to-face interviews with you.

Of course, the final decision on who is right for your business stays with you. The overall aim of the service is that we take away as many of the time-consuming recruitment activities as possible and allow you to focus your time and meet the very best candidates.

Do you have a list of recruitment agencies that you work with?

Whilst we know lots of recruitment agencies, you’re under no obligation to work with any of them. If you have a list of agencies that already know you and your business and you want to stick with then we’ll just introduce ourselves to them and become a point of contact for them.

Of course, if you aren’t getting the right quality of candidates from your existing recruitment sources then we can advise you. We can help you find additional agencies to work with and also guide you towards direct forms of recruitment advertising that might get you the people you need.

What steps in the Recruitment process can you manage?

We keep the process moving while you run your business through:

. Creation of job description(s) and person specifications
. Placement of job adverts
. Liaising with recruitment agencies (if required)
. Screening incoming CV’s for suitability
. Undertaking initial telephone screening
. Developing your interview process and all standard questions

How do we get things moving?

Firstly, we find out more about your business, the role(s) you need to fill and analyse your job description to determine if the right balance of skills and personal behaviours are present.

Once we know where you usually find your candidates, you decide how you want to work with us, in any combination of the following:

. Perform the initial screening (CV and telephone interview) then provide you with a shortlist to work with.
. Help you create a recruitment process that’ll test for the required candidates’ skills.
. Sit in with you on face-to-face interviews.

Can you just help me get better at doing my own recruitment?

Absolutely. We offer training courses on all manner of recruitment skills including questioning techniques and recruitment compliance training so that you can be comfortable no manager is going to ask a question they shouldn’t!

In addition, we can help you to structure the recruitment process so that you stand the best chance of finding the right person and not mis-hiring (which is costly and disruptive).

If you have further questions, call us on 0203 319 1649 and we can go through the options available to you.