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Pay As You Go

Professional HR Support As and When You Need It

Our Pay As You Go service is just that – great HR service without set hours, minimum fee per month or financial commitment.

When you need HR support, you contact your consultant, let them know what you want and they will provide the support you need. We’ll then invoice you at the end of the month for the work done. Simple as that.

For projects or larger support requests, we will agree the scope of the work with you, including an estimate of effort, so you know how much you will be charged for the work we do.

Lighter HR - Pay As You Go HR

You can use Pay As You Go for HR Support & Advice, People & HR Strategy, HR Process Administration, and HR Projects.

To start receiving our PAYG support, we just need to get a simple agreement in place that sets out the services and the rate card, and away we go!

Retained Support

A Retained HR Service that Fits the Size and Shape of Your Business

Our retained support service provides you with an on-going expert HR service that always aligns to your business needs.

Our retained HR service flexes around your business needs. You choose

  • The services you want
  • The mix of onsite and remote delivery
  • The number of hours per month

For example, you could have a service that provides a mix of onsite HR Support & Advice to your managers whilst we’re also efficiently performing your HR Process Administration remotely.

Lighter HR - HR Retained Agreement

You can use a Retained Agreement for Outsourced HR, HR Support & Advice, People & HR Strategy, HR Process Administration, and HR Projects, either as individual services or as an integrated package of services.

Benefits of Retained Agreement

With a retained agreement, you’ll get the same great service as PAYG with a few extra benefits:

  • Assigned consultants, who you’ll get to know and who will get to know your business, culture and approach
  • Guaranteed response time, so you know that you’ll always have expert support when you need it
  • Discounted service rates, so you get our great services for less

You Always Get What You Pay For!

We understand that there are going to be busier and quieter months. With our retained agreements, where you have quieter months, any unused service hours are rolled forward for use in busier months in the future.

Regular Reviews

To ensure the retained service continues to align to your business needs, we review it with you every few months to check that you’ve got the services you need, the right mix of delivery and number of service hours.

No Long Tie-In

We believe you’ll stay with us because you want to, not because you have to!

Therefore, no matter what services, delivery or hours you choose, all our retained agreements have only a 1-month notice period for changes or termination.

Getting the Retained Service In Place

To get your retained HR service in place, the first step is that we discuss your requirements to determine the services, delivery and ‘size’ of the support you need. This discussion is with the consultant who will be leading the service delivery so you’ll get a feel of our professional yet friendly approach!

From this, we’ll provide you a proposal, including fees and discounts, based on your requirements. You then decide what’s right for you, from which we get a simple agreement in place that sets out the services, delivery and hours, and away we go!

Fixed Price Projects

Certainty on the Cost of your HR services

There’s much in HR where the effort and cost depends on many unknown or variable factors.

There are, however, activities that are much more predictable, including creating your HR Documentation and delivery of HR Projects with specific scope, and so we can offer these at a fixed price.

For delivery of fixed price projects, we will agree the scope of the work with you, including a fixed cost, so you know exactly what you’ll be getting and how much you will be charged for it.

Lighter HR - Fixed Price HR

Our fixed price projects can be provided through either a Pay As You Go agreement or a Retained Agreement.

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