Redundancy: 5 Common Mistakes for Employers to Avoid

2018-10-02 - Redundancy Mistakes for Employers to Avoid - Lighter HR

The redundancy process is complicated and there’s a lot to think about both before you get started and throughout the entire process.  In this post we’ll share some of the areas to be particularly mindful of when conducting a redundancy process.

How Do You Conduct a Redundancy Consultation?

2022-05-16 - Redundancy Consultation - Lighter HR

Redundancy consultation is a key part of a redundancy process. In this blog post, we’ll look at what “consultation” actually means, how you make sure you do it properly, and some useful information and pointers on how to undertake an effective redundancy consultation process.

Management Discretion: Consistency in Applying HR Policies

Management Discretion - Consistency in Applying HR Policies - Lighter HR

Many of our clients have policies in place which set out clearly what their position is and yet they all tend to contain the phrase “Any variation from this policy is entirely at management discretion”. Clients have found themselves being accused of discrimination because they have treated individuals differently, so is it really possible to have HR policies which offer flexibility?

Are Employees Entitled to Take the Extra Public Holiday in 2022?

2021-10-19 - Are employees entitled to take the extra public holiday in 2022 - Lighter HR

An extra public holiday has been announced for 3rd June 2022 to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. For many employers, they will simply give everyone an additional paid day off but is this something that employers have to do or it is something over which you have a choice?

How Do You Calculate Employee Holiday Correctly?

2017-04-25 - How Do You Calculate Employee Holiday Correctly - Lighter HR

Holiday calculations can often by confusing, for example, if someone joins or leaves a company part-way through a year, or what happens with holiday when on maternity leave. This blog post answers the questions we receive most frequently on how to calculate employee holiday.

Tips on Managing Summertime Employee Absenteeism

2016-08-16 - Summer Employee Absenteeism - Lighter HR

At this time of year employee absenteeism can be on the rise. It’s not the coughs and colds that lead to the “I’m too ill to work” telephone calls, it tends to be more related to sunburn and Pimms! Obviously, it can be very difficult to prove that someone isn’t genuinely ill but there are some situations that can arise that need careful handling.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace – Some Simple Steps for Employers

2021-05-24 - Diversity and Inclusion - Lighter HR

Gone are the days when you could point to your Equality Policy and say “There you go. We say we’re an equal opportunities employer and therefore we are one.” Expectations of your employees and potentially your clients are changing when it comes to diversity and inclusion, and so we explore what employers can and should do.

Can and Should You Always Dismiss an Employee for Gross Misconduct?

2014-03-17 - Gross Misconduct - Can and Should You Always Dismiss the Employee - Lighter HR

Many employers have a list of behaviours in their employee disciplinary policy that constitute gross misconduct. If an employee commits one of these ‘crimes’ then the outcome is clear, right? Well, not necessarily. This post sets out the process and considerations that you need to make before dismissing an employee on the grounds of gross misconduct.

Can Gagging Orders be Enforced?

2013-02-18 - Can Gagging Orders be Enforced - What Use are Settlement Agreements - Lighter HR

Typically, gagging orders are included in settlement agreements for legitimate reasons but they have been used to cover up matters that organisations would prefer others to not find out about. This post provides insights into what you can do when it comes to gagging orders and what to avoid.

Alternatives to Redundancy: What are the Options?

2018-10-16 - What are the Alternatives to Redundancy - Lighter HR

Making employees redundant is time consuming, can be costly, can disrupt the work place, can damage a company’s reputation in the market and is legally quite complicated. This post looks at the alternatives to redundancy that could be considered.

The Right to Request Flexible Working

2021-05-04 - What To Do If An Employee Requests Flexible Working - Lighter HR

Any employee who has more than 26 weeks’ service has a legal right to request flexible working which covers not just the hours that they work, but also where they work from. This post gives insight into the rules and what you, as an employer, should do when you receive a flexible working request.