The Right to Request Flexible Working

2012-12-10 - The Right to Request Flexible Working - Lighter HR

Any employee who has more than 26 weeks’ service has a legal right to request flexible working which covers not just the hours that they work, but also where they work them. This post gives insight into the rules and what as an employer you should do when you receive a flexible working request.

Getting Employees Back to their Normal Place of Work

2021-04-12 - How to Get Employees Back to their Normal Place of Work - Lighter HR

As the country starts to open again, there are key challenges that employers are facing when it comes to getting people back to their normal places of work. This post provides guidance on the areas you need to think about and insights into the actions you can take.

HR Implications of Brexit and Employment Law Changes in 2021

2020-12-07 - HR Implications of Brexit & Employment Law Changes - Lighter HR

Were it not for COVID-19, Brexit is a subject that would have received far more press coverage across 2020 but there have simply been other more pressing matters to deal with. However, there’s no getting away from the fact that Brexit is happening and it’s essential that business owners and managers know the changes and the implications on their business.

How Do I Tell My Employees About Redundancy?

This post provides guidance on how to tell employees about redundancy and communication during a redundancy process. Rather than being prescriptive, what we’re aiming to achieve with this post is to help you consider what type of communication approach will work for you and help you to avoid some pitfalls.

How should a business decide who is at risk of redundancy?

2020-11-05 - How should a business select who is at risk of redundancy - Lighter HR

Insights in how a business should select who is at risk of redundancy through the creation of a redundancy pool: the group of people from which the business decide who stays and who is made redundant.

Redundancy: Managing Collective Redundancies

2020-10-10 - Redundancy - Managing Collective Redundancies (20 or more Employees) - Lighter HR

This guide focuses on the redundancy process that you need to follow when you are making more than 20 people redundant in a 90-day period at a single site. It’s very important that employers are aware of the additional requirements that need to be adhered to in a large-scale redundancy process.

How Soon After Redundancy Can I Rehire?

2020-09-15 - How Soon After Redundancy Can I Rehire - Lighter HR

You’ve made some redundancies in line with the needs of your business. However, things change and sometimes new recruits are needed again shortly after a redundancy process. So now what? This post provides guidance for employers and managers into what you should and should not do regarding rehiring after redundancy.

6 Invaluable Tips for Managing a Redundancy Process

2020-09-15 - 6 Invaluable Tips for Managing a Redundancy Process - Lighter HR

Redundancy is an difficult process to navigate for any business and is the last resort, particularly given how complex it can be. If you’re considering redundancies, or you’ve already started the process, here’s 6 tips to help you manage your redundancy process effectively.

Redundancy: A Detailed Guide for Employers

2020-09-01 - Redundancy - A Detailed Guide for Employers - Lighter HR

The purpose of this guide is to provide detailed insight into the standard redundancy process that you need to follow as well as sharing some of our real-life experiences with you.

Managing the Potential Impacts of Track and Trace (Updated)

2020-08-24 - Managing Potential Impacts of Trace and Trace - Lighter HR

Test and Trace is the NHS scheme that has being introduced to try to control the future spread of Coronavirus. This is clearly a good idea: The quicker you can isolate people who have Coronavirus; the fewer people they will come into contact with, the fewer people risk being infected. However, it presents some quite significant employment challenges.

What Do You Do If an Employee Tests Positive for Covid-19?

2020-08-24 - What To Do If An Employee Tests Positive for Covid-19 - Lighter HR

As people start to return to offices, use public transport more and generally come out of lockdown, the chances of you finding yourself with an employee who tests positive for Covid-19 increase. The purpose of this post is to help you be prepared if you face this situation.

Changes to Redundancy Pay for Furloughed Workers (31 July 2020)

2020-08-03 - Changes to Redundancy and Notice Pay for Furloughed Workers - Lighter HR

At the end of July the government’s introduced new legislation that will prevent furloughed workers from being ‘short-changed’ regarding their entitlement to redundancy payments. This post provides insight into redundancy pay calculations and the changes that were implemented on 31 July 2020.