Who Should Be Involved in Redundancies When There’s No HR?

Involved in Redundancies when no HR - Lighter HR

Managing a redundancy process requires a great deal of knowledge regarding employment law and insight into potential risks and pitfalls. If an organisation has HR support, they will have access to the knowledge they need. But what happens when an organisation does not have access to HR support? Who should be involved in redundancy situations then?

Alternatives to Redundancy: What are the Options?

2018-10-16 - What are the Alternatives to Redundancy - Lighter HR

Making employees redundant is time consuming, can be costly, can disrupt the work place, can damage a company’s reputation in the market and is legally quite complicated. This post looks at the alternatives to redundancy that could be considered.

How Should a Business Decide Who is at Risk of Redundancy?

2020-11-05 - How should a business select who is at risk of redundancy - Lighter HR

A key part of redundancy planning is to identify which employees are impacted by the changes a business is proposing. This is called “pooling” and, in this post we look at how you should go about deciding on redundancy pools.

Setting up a Competitor using Stolen Business Contacts

2014-05-05 - How To Protect Against Employees Setting Up a Competitor using Your Contacts - Lighter HR

This post runs through some recent case law which provides insights into employees attempting to steal business contacts to set up a rival business. It then provides guidance on how to protect your business from the same situation.

Tips on Addressing Employee Negativity

2017-03-02 - Tips on Addressing Employee Negativity - Lighter HR

Employee negativity is probably something that we have all come across at some point in our careers. No business is immune! It happens in every business and every industry. So what should you do to prevent, manage and get rid of negativity in the workplace?

Company Liability at Corporate Events

Corporate Liability at Company Events - LighterHR

Company liability at corporate events has come up for our clients on a number of occasions, and there has been an interesting case ruling that we think people should be aware of. In this post, we’ll review the case ruling and what employers can do to minimise risks.

How Soon After Redundancy Can I Rehire?

2020-09-15 - How Soon After Redundancy Can I Rehire - Lighter HR

You’ve made some redundancies in line with the needs of your business. However, things change and sometimes new recruits are needed again shortly after a redundancy process. So now what? This post provides guidance for employers and managers into what you should and should not do regarding rehiring after redundancy.

Covert Surveillance: Can You Record Your Employees and Can They Record You?

2016-09-13 - Covert Surveillance - Can you record your employees and can they record you - Lighter HR

The question arises frequently as to whether evidence gathered this way is admissible in an employment tribunal case and also whether undertaking covert recording is a criminal act. As with many things in employment law, there is no definitive answer to these questions, however we can provide some guidance.

How Big a Threat Are Claims of Constructive Dismissal?

2016-06-03 - How Big a Threat Are Claims of Constructive Dismissal - Lighter HR

One employee issue our clients often worry about is having an employee resign and claim constructive dismissal based on dissatisfaction with some element of their employment or how they have been managed. This post provides insights so that you can understand the types of situations where these claims could be a risk to your business.

What Do You Do When Employee Use of Social Media Turns Nasty?

2013-08-19 - What Do You Do When Employee Use of Social Media Turns Nasty - Lighter HR

There are some forms of social media use, however, that step over the line to become harassment and bullying (both direct and anonymous) which are potentially damaging to your employees and puts your company’s good reputation at risk. What can and should you do when things turn nasty?

Dealing with Employee Problems in the Workplace

Dealing with Employee Problems - LighterHR

It’s impossible for managers to please everyone, and employees won’t always get on with each other. As such conflicts are bound to arise in a workplace and resolving them is key to a harmonious workplace. Therefore, this blog post gives some suggestions concerning how to handle such conflicts.

Employee Issues: When the Grievance Can’t be Solved

When the Employee Grievance Can't Be Solved - LighterHR

Grievances don’t always lead to the result that the employee desires. As such, it is important that you take the right steps after the grievance if it can’t be solved, including in cases of an employee’s resignation. This post gives an overview of what some of this steps may be.