The Right to Request Flexible Working

2021-05-04 - What To Do If An Employee Requests Flexible Working - Lighter HR

Any employee who has more than 26 weeks’ service has a legal right to request flexible working which covers not just the hours that they work, but also where they work from. This post gives insight into the rules and what you, as an employer, should do when you receive a flexible working request.

COVID-19 Expenses When Working From Home

With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing, lots of employees have been working at home on a regular basis. We’ve had a number of clients face the question “can I claim these increased costs back?” so in this post we’ll explore the options available to employees and employers.

Guidance for Managers: Tips on Managing a Remote Workforce

2020-04-02 - Tips on Managing a Remote Workforce - Guidance for Managers - Lighter HR

As a result of Covid-19, most employers will have now implemented widespread remote working for their employees. While working from home may be convenient for some, there will be evolving challenges employers will need to meet to sustain business productivity. We explore some of the good practices that employers can operate to make this period of remote working as successful as it can be.

Remote Working: Is It the Beginning of the End of Working From Home?

2013-03-17 - Remote Working - Is It the Beginning of the End for Working from Home - Lighter HR

For years we’ve heard about the benefits of flexible working and home working, and many predicted that this would be the way of the future. Yahoo bucked the trend by issuing staff with a memo stating that they were banning all staff from remote working. You can imagine the reaction this received but are they right in their approach?