Setting up a Competitor using Stolen Business Contacts

2014-05-05 - How To Protect Against Employees Setting Up a Competitor using Your Contacts - Lighter HR

This post runs through some recent case law which provides insights into employees attempting to steal business contacts to set up a rival business. It then provides guidance on how to protect your business from the same situation.

What Do You Do When Employee Use of Social Media Turns Nasty?

2013-08-19 - What Do You Do When Employee Use of Social Media Turns Nasty - Lighter HR

There are some forms of social media use, however, that step over the line to become harassment and bullying (both direct and anonymous) which are potentially damaging to your employees and puts your company’s good reputation at risk. What can and should you do when things turn nasty?

Who Owns Your Business Contacts held on Social Media?

2013-03-27 - Who Owns Your Business Contacts Held on Social Media - Lighter HR

As a business owner, your contacts database is likely to be something that you guard closely. What about those contacts who are gathered through employee networking and stored on privately owned social media accounts? How do you prevent them disappearing out of the door at the same time as the employee leaves?