Employee Benefits: What Are the Options?

Employee Benefits What Are The Options - LighterHR

Employee motivation is important in any successful business. As such, employee rewards are key in maintaining a high quality of work. Therefore, this post gives some ideas for both traditional and more creative employee rewards schemes.

Have You Checked Your HR Recently?

2018-07-24 - Simple Steps to Check Your HR Practices are Legal and Relevant - Lighter HR

We would probably all agree that having regular ‘check ups’ is essential for ensuring smooth running of any machine, organism or an organisation. Your business changes frequently, as do employment laws, so how do you make sure that your HR practices stay up-to-date?

Sexual Harassment:
How Can You Prevent Issues?

2018-02-07 - Sexual Harassment - How Can You Prevent Issues - Lighter HR

The media has been filled with articles on sexual harassment scandals that have brought internal complaints policies to the attention of HR professionals and business owners. Having functioning and thorough internal complaints investigation procedures is very important in ensuring a harassment/discrimination free workplace.

Difficult Employees:
There’s Always One!

2018-01-11 - Difficult Employees Poor Performance - Lighter HR

As a manager, you are constantly faced with a decision of whether to deal with difficult employees or not as long as overall the team is achieving. Here’s a quick list of just 4 top tips that you should incorporate into your management practice that will help you start eliminating unacceptable behaviour and performance from your teams.

What Are the Rules on Giving Employees Notice?

2017-07-11 - What Are the Rules on Giving Employees Notice - Lighter HR

The requirement for notice to be given is understood by everyone however, whilst this might seem like a rather straight forward process, there are circumstances that make experienced managers hesitant. In this blog we clarify how notice provisions should apply.

Alternatives to People Management

2017-06-13 - Alternatives to People Management - Lighter HR

You have a great technical employee who is fantastic at what they do. You promote them to a position where they need to manage others and it all starts to go wrong. You end up losing a technical genius and gaining a pretty incompetent people manager. How can this problem be addressed?

What Happens to Annual Leave if Employees are Poorly on Bank Holidays?

2017-06-06 - What Happens to Annual Leave if Employees are Poorly on Public and Bank Holidays - Lighter HR

We know that this is now our third blog post in fairly quick succession on holidays but it’s a topic that we get a lot of questions about. This post covers quite a specific area of holiday leave, providing insights into managing an employee’s sick leave when public and bank holidays are included in their holiday entitlement.

How to Avoid Issues with Contractual Holiday

2017-05-09 - How to Avoid Issues with Contractual Holiday - Lighter HR

This post looks at contractual holiday entitlements and contract wording. Your employment contract will have a clause that deals with the holidays and it will usually be pretty brief and will cover all the basics. Whilst the contractual holiday clause is rather short, the actual wording will be important.

The Right to be Accompanied; When Does it Apply?

2017-02-07 - The Right To Be Accompanied When Does It Apply - Lighter HR

We’ve had a lot of cases recently when questions have arisen regarding an employee’s right to be accompanied at various meetings. Given that it’s something that has come up quite frequently we thought we’d take this opportunity to provide you with some more information on this right and how it works.