Reasonable Steps to Prevent Sexual Harassment

Reasonable Steps to Preventing Sexual Harassment - LighterHR

This post covers the upcoming legislation introducing the requirement to take reasonable steps prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. It includes guidance on the activities employers need to undertake to be ready for the change in law.

Predictable Working

Predictable Working 2024 - LighterHR

This post covers the upcoming legislation introducing the provision of more predictable working for casual workers or those on zero-hours contracts, including what employers will need to do to adhere to the changes.

Redundancy and Family Leave Legislation for 2024

Redundancy & Family Leave - LighterHR

Changes regarding the rules for handling those on family leave during a redundancy process from 6th April 2024. The changes focus around prioritisation of offering suitable alternative roles.

Carer’s Leave

Introduction of Carer's Leave 2024 - LighterHR

Carer’s Leave is new legislation which is effective from April 2024. This post provides insight into the legislation details and areas for employers to consider to implement the policy and working practices.

Changes to Flexible Working Requests in April 2024

Flexible Working Requests 2024 - LighterHR

Changes to flexible working requests are coming into effect from April 2024. The legislation includes changes to employee rights for flexible working requests and the processes that employers need to follow.

National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage rates

National Minimum Wage National Living Wage 2024 - LighterHR

Changes regarding the rules of who receives National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage, the new rates and guidance on preparation for them coming into effect (from 1st April 2024)

Changes to Holiday in 2024

Holiday Pay Calculations 2024 - LighterHR

There are a few changes to holiday pay calculations being introduced in 2024. In January, there’s confirmation of holiday entitlements and changes to holiday carry-over; in April, there’s changes to rolled-up holiday and holiday accrual for workers on irregular or part-year hours. This post provides details on all of these and what actions employers need to take.

Changes to Working Time Regulations in January 2024

Working Time Regulations 2024 - LighterHR

Working Time Regulations changed on 1 January 2024 to end the changes brought in to help manage the impact of coronavirus. This post provides insight into the changes and actions that employers need to take.