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User Generated Learning
User Generated Learning

Is it the Future of
Employee Development?

Is it the Future of Employee Development?

The newest trend in the learning and development arena is having user generated learning. We all know that some of the best learning that takes place in an organisation is through the informal knowledge sharing between colleagues. User generated learning is effectively knowledge sharing between colleagues facilitated by technology often using social applications and platforms.

An example of user generated learning

A good example that illustrates such learning would be the widely available online IT forums.  These are now very often the first place people turn to when they need to fix a low-level computer problem.  There’s a quick search on Google for the symptoms and then up pops a number of websites with various discussions on the subject. Normally your questions have already been asked and answered by someone and you can get a list of things to try in seconds. This is the way your user generated content works as well. Your workers could write questions and wait for other users to provide answers thus enabling information sharing.

What are the advantages of User Generated Learning?

A huge benefit of such learning is that users can engage with the content usually through comments and questions. This can facilitate a discussion or even foster some innovative thinking and breakthroughs. As with the IT forums, some of the solutions might not work for everyone and so other users give their ideas or explain why the offered solution did not work for them. ‘Finding the solution’ becomes a collaborative effort which obviously then produces much better outcomes.

Another attractive attribute is that these platforms allow the user generated content to be in a wide range of formats from ppt presentations, blogs, pictures to videos and live streams. Your employees can use the formats that utilise their unique strengths and, at the same time, the users can choose the format that they are most comfortable with.

Many companies struggle with retaining knowledge and expertise once the subject experts leave the company. These platforms allow companies to tap into the knowledge of their workforce and facilitate the collection of it into a central place (without the pain of trying to do so formally).  You probably have many in-house experts who might not have the time or means to share their knowledge. Having a user generated learning platform would enable your in-house experts to share their insights which would in turn become the learning material for others.

It goes without saying that flexibility and accessibility of content is at the forefront of effective learning and these user generated learning platforms allow users to choose what, when and where they want to learn. Most companies are using their intranets or dedicated personal learning sites to store and manage user generated content and make it accessible to their teams online.

We are very excited about this new development in employee learning and development field and can support your business in the adaption to this new way of learning. Why not give us a ring on 0203 319 1649 and talk to one of the consultants about it. Alternatively, use our contact form to email us and a consultant will call you back.