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Organisation Design
Organisation Design

Put in a team structure that's
right for your business

Put in a team structure that's right for your business

Organisation Design

The Organisation Design service will help you devise a structure that is aligned to the strategic direction of the company.

We can guide you through the process of organisation design with the aim being to improve communication, productivity and innovation.

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Creating an Effective Organisation Design

When businesses grow quickly, they often end up with a structure that happens by chance rather than one that has been designed intentionally. The challenge here is that things can start to feel quite clunky. Some tasks get completed by lots of people whilst other things fall through gaps. Organisation design addresses these challenges.

Businesses can also end up with a structure that is designed around individuals rather than one that is designed based on what is best for the business. The MD can end up managing the world whilst people in managerial roles may have just one or two direct reports.

When you start to face these types of challenges then we can help you put a structure in place that supports the company now and sets it up for future growth.

Key Service Features

  • An objective review of your organisation structure.
  • Working with an HR professional to help you manage the process of re-shaping your organisation.
  • Confidence that you’ll implement changes in a legally sound way.
  • The work can be performed either onsite, offsite (by phone and email) or a bit of both.

How We Can Help

The process looks at the structure of the organisation and the relationship between tasks, workflow, responsibility and authority with the aim of ensuring they all support the objectives of the business.

We begin by working with you to understand your current structure and the challenges it presents. Then we look at how you would structure the business in the ideal world. We encourage you to remove all constraints and think about what would work best for the business.

From here it’s all about moving you towards your ideal position in a controlled way so as to ensure that you don’t de-rail your business. There needs to be a period of transition as you move people into new roles and work to embed new working practices.

Service Costs

Our service fees range from:

  • £110 per hour for offsite support (phone and email)
  • £140 per hour for onsite support (face to face at your offices and other locations)

We’ll speak with you to understand the situation you are looking to manage and the level of support you require. We’ll then give you an estimate of the number of hours we expect the matter to take.

Of course, it’s always difficult to be completely accurate so we will agree any work before it is performed and keep you updated on the costs as they accrue.

Notes: All prices exclude VAT. For new customers, we will ask for an initial payment before we start working with you; minimum payment 1 hour offsite support.

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