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Employment Policies
Employment Policies

What's obvious to you may not be
obvious to your employees

What's obvious to you may not be obvious to your employees

Employment Policies: What would you like to do?

Update Existing Policies

If you have a set of policies in place but they may not reflect your business or employment law, this is the best option for you. Note: the review is free and non-obligatory.

Add Individual Policies

If you have some policies in place and would like to add some additional policies, we can provide specific individual policies to complement your existing set.

New Full Set of Policies

If your business has no policies in place or what you’re currently using is not meeting the needs of your business, the best option for you is a new employee handbook.

Ensuring you have Effective Policies to Manage your Employees

Many businesses start off with the key policies in place – Disciplinary, Grievance, Equality and Health & Safety.

Then, as the business grows and more people join, the more situations arise where a policy is needed: someone gets pregnant so a maternity policy is needed; someone gets called for jury service so an absence policy is needed.

We offer two services:

Employment Policies - Lighter HR
  • Review and Update Existing Employment Policies where you already have employment policies in place which may not reflect recent changes in your business or employment law.
  • Provide you with New Individual Employment Policies where you have an existing set of employment policies in place but would just like to add some additional ones to cover new scenarios.

If you have nothing in place then we recommend you Implement an Employee Handbook.

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