GDPR Policies and Documents GDPR Full Document Set to Download GDPR documentation that’s concise and gives clarity as to what you need to do. £350.00 – Purchase Checkout Added to basket Policy Documents All the policy documents you need including extra tips and information about employment law and key HR practices.  Letters and Forms A set of

Letters and Forms

Letters & Forms Invitation to Disciplinary Hearing A template letter to invite your employee to a disciplinary hearing. £50.00 – Purchase Checkout Added to basket Invitation to Grievance Meeting A template letter to invite your employee to a grievance hearing. £15.00 – Purchase Checkout Added to basket Maternity Acknowledgement of Notification A template Maternity Acknowledgement letter that covers all

Policy Documents

Policy Documents Absence Policy Absence policy covering holiday, sickness, compassionate leave, emergency leave and jury duty. £75.00 – Purchase Checkout Added to basket Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy to demonstrate commitment to ethical working practices. £25.00 – Purchase Checkout Added to basket Disciplinary Policy A Disciplinary Policy sets out how you’ll deal with employee

Shared Parental Leave – Understanding your responsibilities and putting them into practice

When the Shared Parental Leave & Pay Regulations 2014 were rolled out last year the sound of heads being scratched could be heard across many companies as the practicalities of these regulations were digested. Now over a year on, we wanted to remind you of your SPL obligations and also highlights risk areas that have come out of a recent Tribunal decision.

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