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Category: Employment Policies

Furlough Decisions
Beware of Unintended Discrimination

The Job Retention Scheme has been launched by the government to protect employment by “furloughing” employees who would otherwise have been made redundant or laid-off due to the impact of Coronavirus. In our previous post, “Job Retention Scheme – Caution: Employment Laws Still Apply”, we confirmed that the furlough decision is made by the authorised directors and managers. In this post, we want to provide guidance on the process of making decisions regarding who is furloughed and who isn’t.

Job Retention Scheme
Caution: Employment Laws Still Apply

On Friday 20 March, the government imposed additional measures which will have an economic impact on businesses and other organisations. To protect businesses, the chancellor announced a range of financial support packages, including the Job Retention Scheme to protect workers who would otherwise have been made redundant. These measures are excellent in supporting businesses but employers must still heed employment law. This post provides insight into some essential questions

Sponsoring EU Nationals
Important changes to the Immigration Points Based System for 2021

We have seen the first glimpse of how the new Points Based System will look after 31 December 2020. The changes are not as complicated as feared, however, it is important for businesses that sponsor and employ EU nationals to start planning now. This post looks into the key areas of this new legislation in regards to sponsoring EU nationals and what it means for individual companies.