“Lighter HR provides a consistently professional service”

Audrey Williams Joseph, CEO, TVRS

Audrey Williams Joseph


The Vine Residential Services (TVRS)

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As the Director of a small company I was not initially totally convinced that to engage an external professional HR company was in the company’s best interest; I felt that I had all my HR issues covered, if there were any. I really didn’t see how or if I would really utilise this service.

After an initial consultation and engagement for our first project, I very quickly began to realise the benefits and peace of mind that came with Lighter HR’s hand-in hand support and guidance. Within a very short space of time, the company had in place operational robust employment contracts, swiftly followed by a comprehensive staff handbook. As a result, my staff have been so well informed of their rights as employees, and my expectations and rights of them as their employer.

This was the beginning of an exceptional professional HR add-on service which built a solid cornerstone of my rapidly expanding company. But it didn’t just end there, through many emails, telephone and face to face communications, I began to realise that Lighter HR provided so much more than I had originally thought or expected. As a result of this invaluable support, I made the financial decision to embark on entering into a monthly support agreement, in times of tight financial controls this was definitely an excellent financial investment into the growth and stability of the company. This new agreement and working partnership has clearly supported a strong path of developing the company from a firm solid foundation, for many of the exciting cases that have evolved over the last 18 months.

I would like to extend my appreciation to the entire Lighter HR team for their combined support. This support has allowed me to focus on the business of developing my company whilst in the background I was very confident that a lot of work, time and communication was being had behind the seen to ensure that all required information was correct and submitted in a timely manner.

TVRS would like to thank Lighter HR greatly for providing us with a consistently professional service. Lighter HR provide excellent, timely feedback where direct open communication is maintained throughout each case we have. We are truly grateful for your continued support.

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