GDPR – you need to start thinking about this

GDPR is a European Directive that looks at data protection.  It comes into force in May 2018 and whilst you may sit there and think “Ah, it’s European, we’re heading out of the EU and therefore this won’t matter too much” you’d be wrong.  Firstly, we’ll still be part of the EU when it comes into force so therefore you’ll need to comply.  Secondly, it could be that this is something the UK adopts even post Brexit and finally, it’s likely that if you wish to do business with any country in Europe then they will look for evidence that you comply with the legislation anyway.  Find out more about this new legislation.

Employment Contracts – Be ready for anything!

We regularly come across companies where employment contracts are not being issued to employees. Some businesses are able to get away with it for many years as long as their employees are happy with such arrangements but when it all goes wrong it becomes clear that an employment contract would have saved a lot of heartache and stress. In this post we look at the key reasons for having a contract.

Notice – what are the rules?

We are all familiar with the concept of giving or receiving notice whether as an employer or as an employee. The requirement for notice to be given is understood by everyone however, whilst this might seem like a rather straight forward process, there are circumstances that make even the most experienced managers hesitant about a way forward. So in this blog we decided to look at some of these circumstances and to clarify how notice provisions should apply.

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