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Recruitment Support
Recruitment Support

We can help you find the unicorns
you're looking for

We can help you find the unicorns you're looking for

Recruitment Support

Finding new employees is a time-consuming and challenging task and it’s something that a lot of our clients are struggling with.

Our Recruitment Support service can help you move forward with recruitment without it taking over your life.

Recruitment Support - Lighter HR

How we can help with Recruitment

Recruiting new employees is something that lots of our clients struggle with. Firstly, there’s the need to decide on exactly the role that you need to fill. Then you need to source candidates and then you need to interview them.

It can become all consuming very quickly or, because you lack time, it can be something that really holds you back as you simply limp along without having a fully staffed team until it really isn’t possible to put it off any longer.

It’s important to point out that we are not a recruitment agency and we don’t have a database of candidates just waiting for you. What we can do is perform the role that an in-house HR team would perform when it comes to recruitment.

We can:

  • put together the job description(s) for you,
  • place job adverts on your behalf,
  • liaise with recruitment agencies if you use them,
  • screen the CVs,
  • undertake initial telephone screening, and
  • design your interview process including creating the standard questions;

and basically keep everything moving whilst you carry on with running your business.

Key Service Features

  • Professional support on reviewing your recruitment requirements and guidance on the best approach to finding candidates.
  • CV screening and initial telephone interviews so that you just meet the best candidates.
  • Guidance on creating a recruitment process that will help ensure you hire the best person.
  • HR intuition! We’ve met A LOT of people in our time and tend to be able to identify those people who might not be all they seem.

Support with Recruitment Campaign

The first thing we’ll do is find out more about your business and the role or roles that you’re looking to fill. We’ll take a look at your job description to make sure that it is the right balance between the skills that you need and the personal behaviours you value in your team. Then we’ll talk with you about where you usually find your candidates.

From there, we’ll perform whatever role you need help with in the recruitment process. We can do the initial screening (CV and telephone interview) and provide you with a shortlist and you take it from there. We can help you create a recruitment process that will really test the skills that you need to assess during the process. We can sit in with you on face-to-face interviews. And all manner of different combinations.

In short, if you’re struggling with recruitment and need some additional expertise or an extra pay of hands, then we can help.

Service Costs

Our service fees range from:

  • £110 per hour for offsite support (phone and email)
  • £140 per hour for onsite support (face to face at your offices and other locations)

With recruitment, we’ll assess the level of support that you need and then agree a budget with you.

Recruitment can be quite time consuming so we’ll be honest with you as to how much support we can give based on your budget.

Notes: All prices exclude VAT. For new customers, we will ask for an initial payment before we start working with you; minimum payment 1 hour offsite support.

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