Provides your organisation with On-Demand HR Consultancy and HR Support to tackle all manner of HR situations, just when you need it.


For retained expert HR support and guidance where having your own permanent HR professional isn't right for your business.


A range of HR Software options to support your HR processes where spreadsheets and Post-It notes just won't cut it anymore.

HR Services

It's likely that your business needs HR expertise but has no need to have a full-time HR professional in the company. Alternatively, you have an HR officer and it would be useful to get a second opinion on a tricky HR situation or your just need an additional pair of hands to get the work done.

To meet those needs we offer the following HR Consultancy and HR Support services:

  • HR On-Demand: provides your organisation with HR consultancy and support to tackle specific issues when you need it. It can be called upon in all manner of situations and covers all areas of HR.
  • HR Retained: provides telephone and email support for all of your HR questions as well as ensuring your policies and contracts remain up-to-date and a client portal for holding the documents and enabling your employees direct access to an HR professional.
  • HR Software: a cloud based HR system designed for small and medium sized businesses to help get rid of all those spreadsheets.

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We will work with you to solve your HR issues with minimal fuss by providing practical and effective HR Support and guidance.


We work with you to implement the HR Best Practice that works for you now, will support growth and drive your business forward.


A range of training and coaching services to build and refine management and leadership skills in your team.

Free workshops available for Business Leaders and HR Professionals

Increase your knowledge and skills in key HR areas!

  • Keep up-to-date on changes in employment law and HR best practice.
  • Increase your skill in key areas such as managing absence or giving feedback.

These are open sessions where you'll have the opportunity to meet other people who face the same challenges as you.

And they’re free – what more could you ask for?  Sweets and cakes?  Yes we provide those as well.

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