HR Services

Some text here about business context. It's pretty much saying that either the business needs HR expertise but no need to have a full-time person in the company or they have a person and it would be useful to get help from either a knowledge / experience perspective or from a capacity perspective.

To meet those needs we offer

  • HR On-Demand (which is great for short bursts)
  • HR Retained Support (which builds on the HR On-Demand and makes it even better through assigned consultant who really gets to know the ins and outs of the business and you get a support portal)
  • HR Software (which gets rid of the spreadsheets)

A couple of sentences about how we can sort out your issues, implement new capability to manage your people and develop your talent, provide support for on-going reassurance and also provide systems to have all your documents and HR data available online.

A brief description of HR On-Demand to help with resolving issues and helping to develop your business.

A brief description of HR Retained Support to provide that on-going reassurance.

A brief description of HR Software to have all HR data in a single place (and get rid of all those spreadsheets).

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