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Employment Contract
Employment Contract

Protect what you've built with
a legally compliant contract

Protect what you've built with a legally compliant contract

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Update your Existing Employment Contract

If you already have an employment contract in place, we’ll review and update it to bring it in line with current statutory obligations or best practice. Note: the review is free and non-obligatory.

Introduce a New Employment Contract

If you have no employment contract in place, or if the existing one isn’t up to the task, we will provide you with an appropriate contract that meets the needs of your business.

Ensuring you have an Effective Employment Contract

An employment contract should be designed to meet your legal obligations and the needs of your business.

  • If your business is simple, you don’t want a complex contract covering areas such as intellectual property and non-compete conditions.
  • If you’re business is based on technology or designing new products, however, these elements may be essential.
Employment Contract - Lighter HR

We’ll work with you to understand more about your business and from there make sure you have employment documents that work for your business.

If you already have documentation in place then we can review and update what you’re currently using. Alternatively we can provide you with new documentation that covers everything you need.

No matter what your employment contract requirements are, we’ll work with you to understand and meet them.

We highly recommend that you ensure you also have an Employee Handbook in place that provides employees the information they need and meets your legal obligations.

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