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Employee Handbook
Employee Handbook

Your employees aren't mind-readers -
tell them what you expect

Your employees aren't mind-readers - tell them what you expect

What would you like to do?

Update your Existing Employee Handbook

If you already have an employee handbook in place and want it updated, we’ll review what you have, let you know the gaps and then make changes to the guidance and policies.

Note: the review is free and non-obligatory.

Introduce a New Employee Handbook

If you want to replace your existing handbook or don’t yet have one, we provide an employee handbook tailored to your business needs and culture.

Ensuring you have an Effective Employee Handbook

Your Employee Handbook can really make managing your employees easier and less time consuming.

Having a single point of reference where employees can see the rules that apply to them and that managers can use to ensure they deal with things consistently means that everyone is able to focus on the job they are employed to do.

It also helps new employees to settle into their new roles quickly and makes sure that you have the legal policies in place that you need.

Employee Handbook - Lighter HR

Furthermore, your Employee Handbook should be a reflection of your business. The tone, style and content will help the new employees to understand what it’s really like to work in your company.

We can either:

No matter what your handbook requirements are, we’ll work with you to understand and meet them.

We highly recommend that you ensure you also have an Employment Contract in place which covers your statutory obligations and protects your business.

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