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Employee Disciplinary
Employee Disciplinary

Support to manage those situations
you’d rather not deal with

Support to manage those situations you’d rather not deal with

Employee Disciplinary

We can support you in dealing with any employee disciplinary issue you have within your business.

We can either guide you through the disciplinary process or you can hand the entire disciplinary issue over to us and we’ll investigate and hear the matter on your behalf.

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Support with Employee Disciplinary Procedure

If you work with people long enough you will find yourself in a situation where you are having to address issues with either your employee’s performance, conduct or attendance. Dealing with employee disciplinary issues is not easy for many business owners.

Poor attendance and poor performance tend to be the issues that our clients face most frequently. Often by the time they call us they have tried an informal approach on a number of occasions and the situation isn’t getting any better.

At Lighter HR, we help our clients through the employee disciplinary process no matter what the situation and no matter what steps have already been taken. We will be there to help you manage the situation and achieve the appropriate outcome for your business.

Key Service Features

  • Support from an HR professional who’s dealt with all types of disciplinary issues before.
  • Confidence you are following sound legal process, removing the emotion and focusing on the facts.
  • A practical approach that gets you the outcome you’re looking for with minimum risk.
  • The work can be performed either onsite (face to face), offsite (phone and email) or a bit of both.

How We Can Help

When dealing with difficult employee situations process is everything. The steps in themselves aren’t complicated but human emotion has a tendency of complicating these situations. We can help remove that emotion and help you focus just on the facts and the desired outcome.

At a basic level, we can provide you with a full written process, scripts, documentation and be at the end of the phone to answer your questions. This could be a good option for you if you are looking for some peace of mind with minimum cost.

At the highest level, we can deal with the situation for you. We can perform any investigation that’s needed, conduct the disciplinary hearing and take care of all of the documentation that you need in order to demonstrate that you followed a sound process.

As a first step we’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire that gives us some basic information about the situation you’re dealing with and what events have happened to date. We’ll then arrange an initial telephone consultation with you to discuss your position in more detail and the level of support you require.

Of course, we won’t pass judgement on what has happened in the past but will advise you on the processes you need to follow to avoid the same outcome in the future.

Service Costs

Our service fees range from:

  • £110 per hour for offsite support (phone and email)
  • £140 per hour for onsite support (face to face at your offices and other locations)

We’ll speak with you to understand the situation you are looking to manage and the level of support you require. We’ll then give you an estimate of the number of hours we expect the matter to take.

Of course, it’s always difficult to be completely accurate as you never know what’s going to happen when people are involved. We will agree any work before it is performed and keep you updated on the costs as they accrue.

Notes: All prices exclude VAT. For new customers, we will ask for an initial payment before we start working with you; minimum payment 1 hour offsite support.

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Disciplinary Procedure Service Sheet

Download the Employee Grievance service sheet for more information.

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