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Category: Performance Appraisal

Managing Performance – Are Difficult Conversations Really That Difficult?

When I ask people managers what part of their role they enjoy the least, it is really common to hear them refer to performance management and more specifically dealing with any under-performance that needs to be addressed.

There is just something about needing to ‘point something out’ or ‘tell someone that they are not doing great’ that makes us uncomfortable. We all naturally want to be liked and have a well-functioning team where everyone is happy and so just the prospect of something getting in the way of this makes us want to avoid it at all cost.

Performance Appraisals – The Truth Behind the Headlines

You don’t need to do Performance Appraisals anymore as they are antiquated and no one else is doing them. Right? Not quite. Performance Appraisals as they used to be may be a thing of the past but that doesn’t mean you can stop appraising performance.
The headlines that you’ve read came as a big relief to so many of our clients. They really hadn’t ever seen what the business was getting in return for all of the time performance appraisals took up.

That may sound very cynical but it really has been the reality for so many people I’ve spoken to.

Giving Feedback – Is It Really Worth the Effort?

As a manager, you’ll have heard repeatedly that giving constructive feedback is the answer to many of your management challenges. However, it’s really not that easy. We’d all like to think that we’re great at telling people when they’ve done a good job but in reality, how many of us actually find the time to it?

Then there’s those people who aren’t doing a good job or who are doing a good job but their style is such that no one wants to work with them. How do you tell them what they need to hear without causing drama?

It’s a challenging area but developing skills in giving feedback is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Performance Appraisals – How to Maximise their Value

Performance appraisals tend to be something businesses either embrace, ignore or conduct in a fairly half-hearted manner because they know they should do them but don’t really want to. The businesses who either ignore or are half-hearted about performance appraisals tend to be those who haven’t seen any benefit arise from them.

We thought it would be worth sharing with you some of the common issues with performance appraisals so that you can think about changes you could make to get the most out of the process.

Performance Appraisal – What’s In It for Your Business?

For many businesses the annual round of performance appraisals are now finished. December was spent writing and reviewing appraisal forms and carrying out appraisal meetings. January has been spent chasing individuals for finished forms and chasing those managers and employees who didn’t stick to the December deadlines. But the headache is over. Forms are filed and everyone can get on with their jobs until next year. Phew!

Does this sound familiar? A couple of questions for you: Why did you do performance appraisals? What value did your business get from them?

When You Sense There’s a Difficult Situation Developing… What can You Do Before and After?

From the moment you hire your first employee, you know it’s just a matter of time before you are going to find yourself dealing with a difficult situation, be it dealing with poor performance, frequent short-term absence or a grievance with another employee or the company. Wouldn’t it be better to deal with the situation before it gets to the point where you need to reach for the policies?