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Category: Employment Law Updates

Tribunal Fees – A Thing of the Past

Just four years ago in July 2013, employment tribunal fees were introduced by the Coalition Government and we are now saying ‘goodbye’ to them due to a landmark decision by the Supreme Court on 26th July 2017.
This is a monumental development in that it re-establishes that the government in the UK cannot use its powers to block citizens’ access to justice.
Whilst the government did try by introducing the tribunal fees and it did take 4 years to finally get here through a long legal challenge – but nonetheless we are here.

Family Leave Pay – What Are the Rules?

Shared Parental Leave, Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, Parental Leave are all types of Family Leave that are available to working parents.  They are complex pieces of legislation that have left many employers unclear as to what the rules are around pay and in particular, where do men and women need to be treated the same. Find out what you should be doing.

Vaping at work – Allowed or Not Allowed?

It’s been 10 years since the introduction of the ban on smoking in public places and indoor work places in the UK, and now the thought of someone ‘lighting up’ in a smoking room in your office building seems quite strange. However, whilst the smoking ban is quite straightforward, the relatively new concept of e-cigarettes, or ‘vaping’, is still causing confusion with employers. Find out what the rules are regarding vaping at work.

Contractual Holiday – Some Issues to Avoid

We recently wrote about the potential mistakes that employers can make in calculating workers’ holidays entitlements especially when including the Bank Holidays. And whilst you may think this must be the only tricky area that businesses would need to worry about when considering holiday calculations and contractual holiday, we actually have a few more to draw your attention to.

So let’s look at contractual holiday entitlements and contract wording. Your standard contract of employment will have a clause that deals with the holidays and it will usually be pretty brief and will cover all the basics. Whilst the contractual holiday clause is rather short, the actual wording will be important.