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Category: Employment Contracts

Job Retention Scheme
Caution: Employment Laws Still Apply

On Friday 20 March, the government imposed additional measures which will have an economic impact on businesses and other organisations. To protect businesses, the chancellor announced a range of financial support packages, including the Job Retention Scheme to protect workers who would otherwise have been made redundant. These measures are excellent in supporting businesses but employers must still heed employment law. This post provides insight into some essential questions

IR35 Changes Postponed April 2021
Changes to IR35 Legislation Deferred due to Coronavirus Challenges

The government had planned to implement changes to the IR35 legislation regarding use of contract resources on 6 April 2020. Although the legislation itself isn’t changing, the responsibility for making the assessment was transferring from the contract worker to the business. This post provides the practical steps you should take to ensure you’re ready for the changes.

TUPE Transfers
Answers to TUPE FAQ

The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations (TUPE) has been in place in the UK since 1981 and yet remains one of the most complicated and frustrating piece of employment legislation. As with much UK employment law, the original directive came from Europe so who knows what will happen with this, often unloved, piece of legislation in the future! Nonetheless, it’s here to stay for now so we thought it would be prudent to answer the most FAQs we receive on TUPE.

Good Work Plan
Important Legislation Changes for April 2020

In April 2020, there are three significant changes that are set to come into force if you employ people, plus a number of other changes for which an implementation date is not yet set. The Good Work Plan is the outcome of the Taylor report (July 2017) and was published in December 2018. There were […]

Death in Service
Guidance on Dealing with an Employee Death

Dealing with a death of an employee can be a tragic and challenging time. Fortunately, it is unlikely to happens that often so you shouldn’t have to deal with it regularly. When it does, however, not only have you lost a colleague, but your workforce will need to deal with the shock that it will have on the organisation. It’s never a nice time and your focus is likely to be on many things, so here are a few steps that can help you along the way in dealing with the impact.

Employment Contracts – Be Ready for Anything!

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about the need to make sure your employment contracts are up-to-date. We wanted to follow that up with a more detailed post on the importance of employment contracts.

We regularly come across companies where employment contracts are not being issued to employees. Some businesses are able to get away with it for many years as long as their employees are happy with such arrangements although do remember that you are required by law to issue your employees with a Written Particulars of Employment document within 2 months of the start of employment. The change to having a formal contract usually takes place once there is a dispute or an employment relationship breakdown with any employee and a result of which the business finds itself in a situation where it is not well protected.

Employment Contracts – Are Yours Up-to-date?

Now we know that this is not the most exciting of topics but the topic of employment contracts can become exciting when you want to rely on them to protect your business and find out that you can’t! Employment law and employment law interpretation change constantly but when was the last time you updated your contract? Has your contract been reviewed to check that it still meets the demands of your business?