Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching gives individuals an opportunity to talk through challenges that they face and discuss alternative approaches that they could try in order to get the desired outcome. The outcome of our Executive Coaching programmes is an employee who is equipped with the mindset that they need in order to be successful in their role and add maximum value to the business.

Service Key Features

  • An opportunity to talk through different approaches to situations and assess their pros and cons.
  • A different perspective on behaviours that may not be allowing you to perform at your best.
  • An opportunity to step back and think more objectively rather than reacting to the situation you face.

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Executive Coaching Programmes

As people progress through their career it's important that they continue to develop the skills and capabilities they need in order to operate at increasingly senior levels.  It's about fine-tuning their natural style so as to be able to use it to maximum effect.  Traditional training courses really aren't effective at achieving this as it's very personal so this is where Executive Coaching comes in.

Executive Coaching helps businesses to realise the potential of their Senior Managers.

Executive Coaching HR Consultancy

Our Executive Coaching programmes are designed entirely around the needs of the individual and the business.

Typically, the programmes consist of 6 face-to-face sessions with additional remote support offered between meetings.

Before we begin the programme there’s a need for the coach and executive to meet. During this initial discussion the executive will learn more about what coaching entails and what they will be expected to contribute. The meeting also provides both parties with an opportunity to assess whether it is felt that good working relationship can be developed. It’s very important that the executive feels comfortable with the coach and that the coach feels that the executive is committed to the process.

Sessions last between 1.5 and 2 hours and have a formal structure with objectives being set at the beginning of the session and reviewed at the end. There will be work which the executive will need to undertake between sessions which is designed to help put the coaching outcomes into practice.

The programmes usually see the first few sessions happen in quick succession before moving to a slightly more spaced out model towards the end of the programme.


Executive Coaching is £400 per session.  

This includes preparation time by the coach as well as access to the coach between sessions.

Note: For new clients, we may request a percentage of the fees up front.

Refer to our pricing page for more information.

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