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Management Training
Management Training

Just-in-time Development

Just-in-time Development

What do you think of when you think of management training?   A nice day out, perhaps with some lunch and coffee, pleasantly listening to someone offering their wisdom on a particular subject?  Maybe a course lasting over a few days with an enjoyable hotel stay thrown in?  There’s the other alternative – you know that you’re going to spend a few frustrating days listening to someone drone on about something that you have very little interest in with the hope that you’ll get at least one ‘light bulb moment’.  The chairs will be uncomfortable, the room temperature either arctic or tropical and you’ll fill up on free sweets and unpleasant coffee just to get through it.

The above describes to a certain extent, the concept of ‘Edutainment’.  This is a slightly passive method of learning which can work, but doesn’t always embed the learning after the event.  Delegates can be left with a motivating feeling of having acquired information or skills, but if this information is not immediately applied in the workplace, or skills immediately practised, it is easy to find that they are lost by the time they become relevant.

As a result, ‘just in time’ development is starting to rise in popularity.  It can be less expensive, less time consuming in a busy working environment, and, if timed correctly, allows the individual to leave with practical skills and knowledge to tackle a live issue waiting for them back at the office.  It can also be more engaging for employees who are used to the instant access to learning that can be provided online, and expect something similar in the workplace.

Bite sized chunks

At Lighter HR, we find that bite-sized, ‘just in time’ management training is an effective way of developing people.  Let’s face it, we can all sit in on a training session believing that the management skills being passed on are obvious.  For example – who doesn’t know that a direct and clear message is what is needed when dealing with an underperformance issue?  However, this same training session will take on a whole different feel when you know you must deliver that message tomorrow, not at some vague point in the future…

But ‘just in time’ learning is not without its challenges.  How will I know what my manager’s needs are?  How will I put together a development session quickly enough to meet the need?  What media can I use to best allow employees to access the learning they need when they need it?

Well, this is something that we can help with.  We can help you to assess your manager’s needs and we have lots of training content and activities that can quickly be woven together to meet specific learning requirements.  We still find that management development is most effective when offered face to face, because our facilitators can coach learners and adjust the content during the session to effectively meet the real needs of the learners as they arise.

And afterwards…

And don’t forget the benefits of social and peer collaboration in embedding learning.   For some managers, just knowing that they can discuss their challenges with a peer group, mentor or more experienced colleague after the training session will help them feel more confident in real life situations, and we can help you to facilitate this.

If you would like to discuss your management training needs, then please feel free to call us for a chat on 0203 319 1649.  You can also find out more about our training modules here.