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Interim HR Management
Interim HR Management

Professional HR Management whilst you
sort out what to do with HR

Professional HR Management whilst you
sort out what to do with HR

Interim HR Management

Our Interim HR Management service is perfect for times when things are changing.

We can provide you with interim HR support to help you in the short-term.

Interim HR Manager - Lighter HR

Support from an Interim HR Manager

There are times when you need a short term fix for your HR requirements. Our Interim HR Support service is designed for those times. It could be that you’re trying to work out exactly what permanent HR support you need. This service is perfect for that scenario as you can experiment with different models and we can help you determine what your best long term solution will be.

It could be that your current HR Manager/Director is leaving and you’re yet to find a replacement. We can step in and we can also help you to recruit the HR professional that’s right for you.

It could be that you know you have some complex short-term HR work to complete that is going to require a level of HR experience than you won’t need in the long-term. The service is perfect for that.

You could of course engage directly with an agency or an individual HR Consultant but, using our service means that you benefit not only from the expertise of the individual with whom you’re working, but also from the expertise of the entire Lighter HR team. We’ll provide holiday cover so you’re never left unsupported and, when you do find a long term solution, we can continue to be on the side line for a while, helping with handover and getting your new hire up-to-speed.

Key Service Features

  • Provision of an HR professional to help you in the short-term.
  • Access to a wide range of HR expertise and a library of HR document templates.
  • Back-up from other members of the Lighter HR team meaning that your business is never unsupported.
  • Flexibility to use different expertise to complete different elements of your HR plan.

How We Can Help

The first thing that we’ll do is get to know you and your business so that we can put forward the HR Consultant who we think is right for you. All of HR Consultants are employed by Lighter HR. We don’t use an associate model. This means that you can be confident in the quality of the resource you’ll be working with. And, if on the very slight off-chance that the HR Consultant that we assign to you doesn’t quite fit, then we can put forward an alternative and ensure a good handover so you’ll get continuity of service.

Having found the right HR Consultant for you, that consultant will work with you to determine exactly what role you want them to perform for your business. They can work with you to assess your HR needs, create an HR plan, and then deliver that plan. They can pick up where your last HR Manager/Director left off and simply fill the gap until a permanent hire is made.

The service offers you a great deal of flexibility and certainty that you’ve got all the support you need.

Service Costs

We charge for this service based on:

  • the experience level of the HR Consultant that you require
  • the number of days per week that you are looking for support
  • the duration of the engagement

You’ll see from across the site that we like to be very transparent with our pricing but there are so many variables with this particular service that it is very difficult for us to give you fee estimates for our Interim HR service without knowing more about your requirement.

The best thing to do is give us a call, we’ll talk to you about your requirements and give you an idea of the cost associated with the support you need.

Notes: All prices exclude VAT. For new customers, we will ask for an initial payment before we start working with you; minimum payment 1 hour offsite support.

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