Lighter Retained HR Support

Lighter Retained HR Support gives access to HR support from consultants who know you and your business.

Where having a permanent HR professional doesn’t make economic sense, Lighter Retained HR Support gives you telephone and email support for all your HR issues, and ensures that your HR policies and employment contracts remain up-to-date and reflect changes in employment law.

Service Key Features

  • Telephone and email support for help with HR issues when they arise; the first 60 mins is included in the fee, subsequent minutes are charged only when you use them
  • Provision of materials and guidance to support resolution of HR issues (letters, scripts for difficult conversations, etc.)
  • Review and update of HR documentation (which have been supplied or reviewed by Lighter HR)
  • Access to our online document portal giving you confidence all documentation is available and up-to-date
  • 5% discount on the first 8 hours support or consultancy in a month

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If you are looking for regular onsite support as well as offsite support, our Retained HR Support service if designed with your needs in mind.

Lighter Retained HR Support

Your business is in the position where, whilst you can deal with most of the people problems that come up, there are times when you need more expertise or face something where you aren't quite sure of the right approach. Hiring a qualified HR professional doesn’t make economic sense but you need to have the capability in place to deal with issues as and when they arise.

Lighter Retained HR Support is designed for businesses which access to HR support as and when matters arise in the business.

Lighter Retained HR Support provides phone and email support from a consultant who knows your business. The service also provides periodic review of your documentation to ensure it’s up to date and an online repository to keep it all in one place.

The first 60 minutes of the support per month is included in fee; subsequent minutes are then charged for at discounted rates.

Getting You Up and Running

The service is available immediately you sign up; if you have an issue we’ll work with you to get things sorted straight away.

The first step is for the HR Consultant to meet the key people in your organisation and gain an understanding of your business.

They will then review your current HR documentation to ensure it is fit for purpose and you are legally compliant.

Your documentation will be held on an online document management system which you and your team will be able to access anytime from anywhere.

The documentation will be reviewed periodically to ensure it keeps up with changes to legislation and any changes in your business.


Lighter Retained HR Support costs £150 + VAT per month.

This provides you with:

  • 60 mins of offsite support (phone and email) each month
  • Regular review and update of your documentation

You will also receive a 5% discount on the next 4 hours of work in the month

  • Offsite work (phone and email): £100 + VAT per hour (in 15 mins increments)
  • Onsite work: £128 + VAT per hour

Subsequent hours in the month will be at standard rates.

The initial cost for the review of your current documentation will vary from business to business. We’ll give you a quote once we see what already exists and what revision and addition is needed.

Refer to our pricing page for more information.

No Contractual Tie-In

Lighter Retained HR Support is charged a month in advance with no contractual tie-in; we want you to work with us because you feel you get a great service and you want to work with us, not because you signed a long contract and are stuck with us!

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