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Administering employee data can be one of the most time consuming elements of HR. You need to keep track of holiday bookings, absence records and employee details and there comes a time when a spreadsheet just doesn’t cut it any more. HR Software can help with this.

You don’t need a complex system with lots of “nice to have” functionality and this is where we can help.

We offer a cloud based HR system designed for small and medium sized businesses.

The HR system is designed to support the easy administration of HR information and activities such as absence and holiday booking and tracking. 

Implementing the system is not time consuming and the system is intuitive meaning that there are no significant training requirements.

Through our HR software partner, we can provide an online (cloud-based) HR system designed to support you in managing your employees.

The software package is cost effective, and minimises paperwork and the need for complicated spreadsheets. It also enables you to have live data on your employees so that workload planning and people management is more controlled.

The system allows employees to book and manage their holiday directly and also allows managers to check co-workers’ availability, authorise holiday and log sickness-related absence in the same place.

The system is modular meaning that you only pay for functionality that you actually need.

The implementation of the system is straight-forward.  You will be setup on the system and then given online access.  The employee information and other data can be uploaded by you (through templates we provide) or you can get us to upload it for you.

The system is intuitive so can be picked up quickly and easily by most users. We can provide you and your employees with training on how to use the system or just be available to assist with any initial queries you may have after the system goes live.

Service Key Features

  • An easy way for you to manage employee information.
  • A system that allows your employees to self-administer holiday requests and track absence.
  • A cloud-based system that requires minimal set-up and support.



The software is charge on a per user basis and the cost per user depends on want functionality you require.

  • Starter - £1 per user per month - This covers all of the basics and is a good starting point for organisations implementing a system for the first time.
  • Team - £2 per user per month - This gives additional functionality for employee self service, resource planning, timesheets and access to a smart phone app.
  • Professional - £3 per user per month - This gives you additional functionality to manage performance appraisals.
  • Enterprise - £4 per user per month - This gives you access to the recruitment module allowing you to track candidates through the process and automatically convert successful candidates to employees.
  • Elite - £5 per user per month - This gives you access to a workflow management module.


The implementation support effort is minimal; if you're system savvy you can do it yourself.

Our services are from:

  • £105 per hour for offsite support (phone and email)
  • £135 per hour for onsite work

depending on the work required. We'll speak with you understand your implementation requirements.  We'll then give you an estimate of the number of hours we expect the matter to take.

Note: For new clients, we may request a percentage of the fees up front.

Refer to our pricing page for more information.

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