We work with you to create and implement an HR strategy, aligned to organisation strategy, which is actionable and practical.


We will support you to create and implement an organisation design that works for your business and aligns to your HR strategies.


Working with you to create job descriptions which provide clarity of roles so everyone knows their responsibilities.


Working with you to ensure your TUPE transfers meet legal requirements, and the process is practical and effective.

HR Strategy and Company Structure

Having got through the initial start-up phase, many businesses can start to falter.  In the early days the objective is clear - sell more, increase revenues and be profitable.  Whilst these simple objectives remain at the heart of every business as it grows, deciding how to achieve them and where to focus attention can become more challenging.

Difficult questions need to be asked:

  • Are the people who have been with the business since the beginning still the right people to take the company to the next level?
  • Does the organisation structure still work?
  • Who are you now competing with for employees and how do you attract and retain the right people?

This is where our HR Strategy and Company Structure services can help.  We can support you in ensuring that your company has an HR strategy in place and effectively structured so that you maximise the chances of your Business Strategy becoming a reality, and that you are rewarding the right behaviours.

We can help you set some clear direction and get your employees lined up to help you move forward.  We listen to your ideas, help you shape them into a structured, achievable plan, and then with effective HR solutions help you get your company and people ready and able to deliver that plan.

Many business owners start businesses that are closely linked to a skill they personally possess.  Accountants, Architects, even HR Consultancies all tend to have an owner who has worked in the profession before going it alone.

In the early days of a business the focus is very much on short-term performance.  As companies become more established this short-term outlook changes to a long term view and a clear vision for the future.

At Lighter HR Solutions we support our clients with taking that longer term view and making the investment in their future. An HR Strategy and solid Company Structure are essential for enhancing employee performance leading to achieving business success.

Using simple tools we take a structured approach to help you:

  • Articulate your vision for the company.
  • Translate that vision into a 1 - 3 year plan.
  • Develop the HR solutions that you need in order to turn that plan into a reality.

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We will work with you to solve your HR issues with minimal fuss by providing practical and effective HR Support and guidance.


We work with you to implement the HR Best Practice that works for you now, will support growth and drive your business forward.


A range of training and coaching services to build and refine management and leadership skills in your team.

Free workshops available for Business Leaders and HR Professionals

Increase your knowledge and skills in key HR areas!

  • Keep up-to-date on changes in employment law and HR best practice.
  • Increase your skill in key areas such as managing absence or giving feedback.

These are open sessions where you'll have the opportunity to meet other people who face the same challenges as you.

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