Career Development Frameworks

We work with you to create and implement a Career Development Framework that enables your employees to progress through gaining additional skills and following career paths for subject matter experts as well as for those people who actually want to become managers.

Service Key Features

  • A clear way to demonstrate to your employees what their future could look like with your company.
  • A tool that supports the management of employees.
  • Working with an HR professional to consider what skills your business needs both now and in the future.
  • The work can be performed either onsite or a mix of onsite and offsite.

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Creating and Implementing Career Development Frameworks

Career progression for small and medium sized businesses can be a real challenge.  You want to be able to demonstrate that individuals can build a career with your company but how do you do that without creating ridiculously inflated job titles or having everyone called "Manager" when they don't actually have anyone or anything to manage.

This is where a Career Development Framework can help.  The framework can demonstrate that people can progress through gaining additional skills and that there are career paths for subject matter experts as well as for those people who actually want to manage someone or something.

A Career Development Framework isn't right for every business but if you compete for talent with large organisations or work in a business where your employees look for progression then putting something in place can be very worthwhile.  Career Development Frameworks can help you demonstrate to your employees that they can have a career with your business and enable you to clarify what your expectations are from each role.

Employee Development HR Consultancy

When Consultancies talk about frameworks it can sound very "management speak" but the reality is that a Career Development Framework provides a summary of key duties and responsibilities within the different roles as well as the skills, knowledge, and experience needed for each role. The Career Development Framework can also give insight into the desired behaviours for each role and what training and development and/or professional accreditations/qualifications are necessary.

The framework is also a useful tool for managers to support them with the discussions that take place as part of the development reviews and in the annual appraisal process. The managers can also use the framework when assigning projects or needing to match skills to particular assignments or in the recruitment of new staff.

At Lighter HR Solutions we have worked with clients to both create and implement effective Career Development Frameworks. We have seen how useful these frameworks can be when created pragmatically and with an eye to the future growth that the company is looking to achieve.


Our services are from:

  • £105 per hour for offsite support (phone and email)
  • £135 per hour for onsite work

depending on the work required. If you'd like to get a high-level understanding of the cost before committing time to a meeting then give us a call and we can chat with you to understand your needs and then give you a very broad estimate of cost.

We will agree any work before it is performed and keep you updated on the costs as they accrue.

Note: For new clients, we may request a percentage of the fees up front.

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