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Individual Employment Policies
Individual Employment Policies

What wasn't relevant then
may be relevant now

What wasn't relevant then
may be relevant now

Individual Employment Policies

If you have some employment policies in place and would just like to add some additional areas, then we can provide individual policies (essential, standard or bespoke) to complement your existing set.

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Adding Individual Employment Policies

We can help you fill in the gaps in your existing policies and also review and refresh anything that you already have that may not now quite fit with current UK employment law.

We’ll review what you’re already using and update as appropriate. We’ll also provide you with additional policies if there are areas where your business is currently unprotected.

There are three types of policy:

  • Essential – those policies that are applicable to every business
  • Standard – those policies that are likely to be applicable to most businesses
  • Bespoke – those policies which are specific to your business

Essential Employment Policies

There are a few ‘essential’ policies which we think every business should have:

  • Absence Policy
  • Disciplinary Policy and Procedure
  • Equality and Diversity Policies
  • GDPR Policies
  • Grievance Policy and Procedure
  • Health and Safety Policy

Standard Employment Policies

There are the ‘standard’ policies which are likely to be applicable to most businesses:

  • Adoption
  • Anti-bribery and Corruption
  • Communication and IT Usage
  • Flexible Working
  • Maternity
  • Parental Leave
  • Paternity
  • Professional Conduct
  • Shared Parental Leave
  • Social Media Usage
  • Whistle-blowing
  • Working Time Regulation

Bespoke Employment Policies

The policies listed above cover most business scenarios, however, you should implement policies specific to your business.

So, if you do require a specific policy, we can work with you to create any bespoke policies you need.

Give us a call on 0203 319 1649 and we’ll discuss whether you need a bespoke policy or whether it’ll be covered by the essential or standard policies.

Key Service Features

  • Provision of additional policies to support your changing business needs.
  • Development of policies specific to your business.
  • Confidence that you have everything in place to make managing people that little bit easier.
  • The work can be performed either onsite (face to face), offsite (phone and email) or a bit of both.

Service Costs

Individual Policies

Our policies can be bought individually for:

  • Essential Policies: £80 per policy
  • Standard Policies: £80 per policy

Bespoke Policy Creation

For development of bespoke policies, our service fees range from:

  • £110 per hour for offsite work (phone and email)
  • £140 per hour for onsite work (face to face at your offices and other locations)

We’ll discuss your requirements and then give you an estimate of the number of hours we expect the development of policies to take.

We will agree any work before it is performed and keep you updated on the costs as they accrue.

Notes: All prices exclude VAT. For new customers, we will ask for an initial payment before we start working with you; minimum payment 1 hour offsite support.

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