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Contracts & Policies
Contracts & Policies

We know it’s a bit dull,
but these are vital

We know it’s a bit dull, but these are vital

Employment Contracts & Policies

If there’s one “must-do” in HR, it’s having the right employment contracts and policies in place.

You have a legal obligation to confirm the basic terms and conditions of employment with all employees but employment contracts and policies do so much more than just meet the minimum requirement.

We’ll work with you to understand more about your business and from there make sure you have employment documents that work for your business.

Employment Contract, Employee Handbook and Employment Policies

Having invested in growing your business, it makes sense to protect what you’ve created. A comprehensive contract and set of policies will help you make sure that your employees know the rules when they are working for you and that they can’t set up in competition with you as soon as they leave!

We will provide you with practical documents that are useful and right for your business. We can review and update the existing documentation you have in place, we can fill in the gaps, or we can provide you with a set of employment contracts and policies fit for your business.

No matter what your business needs are, we’ll work with you to understand and meet them. Our consultants will work with you to learn more about your business, review your current documentation, and identify the most suitable approach for you to ensure you comply with the necessary standards and protect your business.

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