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Behavioural Frameworks
Behavioural Frameworks

If only they were just a little bit
nicer to each other…

If only they were just a little bit nicer to each other…

Behavioural Frameworks

We will work with you to create a Behavioural Framework that sets which behaviours you value in your employees and what to expect when people demonstrate those behaviours.

We really wish there was another name for Behavioural Frameworks as it sounds so fluffy and doesn’t portray the value that this simple tool can add to your business!

Behavioural Frameworks - Lighter HR

The Value of Behavioural Frameworks

Managers are often very happy to have the difficult conversations with people when they make mistakes or there is an easily measurable area of their work where improvement is needed.

When the difficult conversation is around the far less measurable area of behaviour, it can be very uncomfortable for all. Equally, as your team grows you can find the culture that had developed starts to dilute, and you lose some of the things you really valued.

This is where a Behavioural Framework can be invaluable.

A Behavioural Framework is the document that makes it much much easier to have those difficult conversations with people where you need to tell them “You’re brilliant at what you do BUT no one wants to work with you!”

A Behavioural Framework sets what behaviours you value in your employees and what you’ll see when people demonstrate those behaviours.

Key Service Features

  • A clear definition of the behaviours you value in your employees.
  • A Behavioural Framework will help with the recruitment and assessment of employees.
  • A Behavioural Framework will help you to protect and develop the culture you want.
  • The work can be performed either onsite (face to face), offsite (phone and email) or a bit of both.

How We Can Help

A typical Behavioural Framework will have a few statements or descriptions giving examples of the type of behaviours a business expects from its employees. More details are then given for each individual grade within the company to support employees in understanding the expectations and what good looks like.

The framework underpins the culture that you want to protect and develop and can be linked to your Performance Appraisal system (if you use one).

We have helped many of our clients with the creation and implementation of the Behavioural Frameworks. We have also created and delivered training for managers and employees on using the framework to ensure that it is utilised effectively.

Service Costs

Our service fees range from:

  • £110 per hour for offsite support (phone and email)
  • £140 per hour for onsite support (face to face at your offices and other locations)

We’ll speak with you to understand the requirements and the level of support you require. We’ll then give you an estimate of the number of hours we expect the matter to take.

We will agree any work before it is performed and keep you updated on the costs as they accrue.

Notes: All prices exclude VAT. For new customers, we will ask for an initial payment before we start working with you; minimum payment 1 hour offsite support.

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