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Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Practical Support and
Guidance for Employers

Practical Support and Guidance for Employers

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Business Support for Dealing with Coronavirus

Knowing what to do with your employees during the Coronavirus – Covid-19 crisis is extremely challenging. We’re all in uncharted territory and there’s a need to balance protecting the long-term future of your business, supporting your employees and operating within the parameters of employment law.

Here are our latest guidance notes for employers and employees:

Latest Information on Coronavirus

You can find out more about how to manage the situation by reading our blog posts:

Job Retention Scheme – Additional Information and Clarification (26 March 2020)

Addresses questions such as:

  • Which employers is the scheme available to?
  • Which employees are eligible?
  • Does this cover employees made redundant if they are rehired?
  • How much subsidy can be reclaimed?
  • How does this align to National Minimum Wage?
  • For how long must employees be furloughed?
  • Can employees on sick leave be furloughed?
  • Can employees on maternity leave be furloughed?
  • What are the mechanics of making a claim?
  • What are the options for employees starting after 28 February 2020?
  • Is an employer obliged to place people back on the payroll at the end of their furlough leave? What happens if the employer cannot afford to do that?

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Furlough Decisions – Beware of Unintended Discrimination (24-Mar-20)

Provides insight into:

  • Potential issues when deciding which roles or employees to furlough
  • Approach to minimise risk of discrimination

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Job Retention Scheme – Employment Laws Still Apply (23-Mar-20)

Addresses questions such as:

  • What is the Job Retention Scheme?
  • Who decides on which workers to furlough?
  • How do you implement the furlough?
  • If government pays 80% of salary, does the employer need to pay the other 20%?
  • Can an employee declare themselves furloughed?
  • What about those employees that have to work whilst others are furloughed?

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Coronavirus COVID-19 – Guidance for Businesses and Managers (17-Mar-20)

Addresses questions such as:

  • Do I need to pay employees if they have to self-isolate?
  • How do I pay people who are absent because they have contracted the virus?
  • What happens if the government moves to the “delay” phase?
  • I have an employee who is very anxious about the situation and wants to stay home.  What do I do?
  • My business is starting to feel the effects of fewer customers due to COVID-19.  What are my options?
  • I’ve got a short-time working/lay-off clause. How do I implement it?
  • I don’t have a short-time working or lay-off clause but I need to do something.  What are my options?

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Coronavirus – Guidance for Employees (17-Mar-20)

Addresses questions such as

  • Actions that employees can take to reduce the risk of catching and spreading the virus
  • How to Reduce the Risk of Catching and Spreading Coronavirus
  • What to do if your Employees are Reporting or Showing Potential Symptoms

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  • Only one free 30-minute consultation per company / organisation;
  • Advice provided for employers only;
  • All advice is based on information provided by the UK government at the time (which is subject to frequent change) aligned to current employment law and HR best practice;
  • Consultations will be regarding general policies and approaches rather than specific, individual cases (as we will have neither a confidentiality agreement or GDPR data processing agreement in place);
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