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Category: Training and Coaching

UK Skills Gap – The Need to Invest in Management Skills

Articles are appearing in the press with increasing frequency and sense of urgency around the UK skills gap. Much of this is due to Brexit and the fact that the UK has had access to a diverse workforce, pulled from across the EU and it’s possible that our exit from the EU will put an end to this. We’ll need to be more self-sufficient and we need to be thinking now about how we start to make sure that we have the right talent to move us forward. In this blog post we look at this topic in more detail.

Management Training – Just-in-time Development

What do you think of when you think of management training? A nice day out, perhaps with some lunch and coffee, pleasantly listening to someone offering their wisdom on a particular subject? Or uncomfortable chairs, a room temperature that is either arctic or tropical and a few days spent listening to content of which 80% is irrelevant but you need to get through it so as to get to the 20% that is relevant. In this blog post we look at the concept of ‘just in time learning’.