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Category: Managing Redundancy

Making Employees Redundant – What are the Alternatives to Redundancy?

We often have clients who contact us about making employees redundant and our first question is always “is it really a redundancy?”

For many employers, redundancy can seem to be an easy option to deal with all manner of situations. A key part of our job is to make sure that this would be a fair redundancy and that redundancy is really what’s needed.

Continuous Service and Redundancy – We Were On a Break!

There’s nothing like a possible redundancy process to make people pay attention to their length of service. For the first time since they signed their employment contract many years previously, employees will be dusting off their employment documentation and double-checking the severance payment calculations their employer has calculated for them. This is often particularly the case when the company redundancy payment on offer is more generous than the statutory sum.

It is at this stage that we often find the continuous service debate raises its head.