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Category: Employee Disciplinary Issues

The Right to be Accompanied – When Does it Apply?

We’ve had a lot of cases recently when questions have arisen regarding an employee’s right to be accompanied at various meetings.

Given that it’s something that has come up quite frequently we thought we’d take this opportunity to provide you with some more information on this right and how it works.

Troublesome Employees – We’ve All Got One!

There are very few businesses who don’t have that one difficult employee who just seems to be more trouble than they are worth. They take up a disproportionate amount of management time with their issues and grumbles, are a negative presence in the office, and obstruct rather than support change. They don’t do anything that’s so wrong as to warrant disciplinary action but just make everything so much harder than it needs to be.

Terminating Employment – What Are The Options?

There are so many reasons why employment relationships need to be terminated. There are times when employees just do something wrong (or stupid!); there are times when the business needs to change and new skills are required; there are then times when it’s clear that there’s just no fit between the employee and employer. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the options open to you when you decide that things just aren’t working out.

Gross Misconduct – Can You Always Dismiss the Employee?

Many employers have a list of behaviours in their disciplinary policy that constitute gross misconduct. If an employee commits one of these ‘crimes’ then the outcome is clear: their employment is terminated without notice as what they have done is so serious that it makes their continued employment impossible.

In many cases this may be true but there have been some recent tribunal decisions that cast doubt as to whether dismissal in the case of gross misconduct is always going to be deemed acceptable.

Employment Tribunals – Avoidance is Better Than Cure

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to remove all chance of ever being taken to an employment tribunal (except to not employ people!). There are, however, a lot of steps you can take to both minimise the risk of receiving an ET1 and maximise the chances of a positive outcome if you do face a claim.