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Lighter HR Blog

HR news and issues.
We think this stuff is interesting...

HR news and issues.
We think this stuff is interesting...

Giving Notice on Employment – What Are the Rules?

We are all familiar with the concept of giving or receiving notice whether as an employer or as an employee. The requirement for notice to be given is understood by everyone however, whilst this might seem like a rather straight forward process, there are circumstances that make even the most experienced managers hesitant about a way forward. So in this blog we decided to look at some of these circumstances and to clarify how notice provisions should apply.

Sickness Absence – How Can You Deal With It?

Sickness is part of life for everyone and as such it is inevitably a part of the working life. Employers big or small have to deal with sickness absence and this is typically never easy or something that managers look forward to doing.

Whilst large businesses normally have established practices in place for managing sickness, SMEs are often dealing with sickness as and when it becomes a more significant issue and starts having a direct cost implication. A recent survey by payroll specialist Moorepay has revealed that UK SMEs are experiencing higher absence rates than normal and that 7 in 10 SMEs feel that high absence rates are impacting on their profitability.

Business Continuity Plan – Not a Priority until Your Business can’t Continue!

Putting together a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan is something that many businesses put off. It feels like a low priority and spending time planning for things which you hope will never happen can seem like a luxury. However, it really is a sensible thing to have in place so find out what your plan should cover in this blog post.

Alternative People Management – What if we Didn’t Ask Managers to Manage People?

Recently we’ve met with client after client who are struggling with the same thing – people management. The people management skill levels of line managers is generally low not just for our clients but it is a widely recognised skills gap overall in the UK. Is there a different way to manage people that we need to be thinking about?

Vaping at work – Allowed or Not Allowed?

It’s been 10 years since the introduction of the ban on smoking in public places and indoor work places in the UK, and now the thought of someone ‘lighting up’ in a smoking room in your office building seems quite strange. However, whilst the smoking ban is quite straightforward, the relatively new concept of e-cigarettes, or ‘vaping’, is still causing confusion with employers. Find out what the rules are regarding vaping at work.

Employee Reward – Time to Look Beyond the Traditional?

It is typically quite straight forward when we think about a rewards package for our employees – it’s a salary and maybe some commission or bonus scheme. This is understandable. It’s the way that things have always been.

But isn’t it about time we rethink our reward practices? Employee motivation for coming to work has changed significantly and the working practices themselves keep transforming so why not also rethink how we reward our people?

In this post we’re going to look at what type of rewards are most common in workplaces and what perhaps businesses could consider to ensure that their reward practices achieve more than just employees showing up for work.