How Can Employers Avoid Age Discrimination?

2016-11-14 - How Can Employers Avoid Age Discrimination in the Workplace -Lighter HR

Age discrimination legislation has been around since 2006. Despite this, some workplaces still seem to be catching up with the idea that inappropriate references to age in the workplace can land them in the same kind of legal nightmare as inappropriate references to gender or race.

Veganuary – A Fad or a Protected Characteristic?

2019-01-08 - Veganuary - A Fad or Protected Characteristic - Lighter HR

With veganism estimated to have had a 360% rise in the UK during the past decade, and with many more people becoming vegans in the future, we have to consider whether veganism should have a protected status in the workplace.

What are the Rules around Continuous Service and Redundancy?

2018-10-09 - What are the rules around continuous service and redundancy - Lighter HR

There’s nothing like a possible redundancy process to make people pay attention to their length of service. For the first time since they signed their employment contract, people will be looking for confirmation of when their service started so that they can check their redundancy calculations. It is at this stage that we often find the continuous service debate raises its head. So what are the rules?

Guidance on Creating a Business Continuity Plan

2017-06-29 - Business Continuity Plan - Lighter HR

Putting together a Business Continuity Plan is something that many businesses put off. It feels like a low priority and spending time planning for things which you hope will never happen can seem like a luxury. Here are some tips and questions on areas to think about.

Is Vaping at Work Allowed or Not?

2017-05-30 - Is Vaping At Work Allowed or Not - Lighter HR

Whilst the smoking ban is quite straightforward, the concept of e-cigarettes or ‘vaping’ is still causing confusion with employers. Whilst not entirely risk-free, vaping is considered to be around 95% safer than normal smoking so should vaping at work be allowed?

How to Calculate Holiday Pay

2014-11-06 - How to Calculate Holiday Pay - Lighter HR

In late 2014, the Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) handed down a long-awaited decision regarding how businesses should be calculating holiday pay. This article provides a summary of the ruling and how it may impact your business and employment contracts.