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Author: Kristina Lukaviciute

Alternative People Management – What if we Didn’t Ask Managers to Manage People?

Recently we’ve met with client after client who are struggling with the same thing – people management. The people management skill levels of line managers is generally low not just for our clients but it is a widely recognised skills gap overall in the UK. Is there a different way to manage people that we need to be thinking about?

Employee Reward – Time to Look Beyond the Traditional?

It is typically quite straight forward when we think about a rewards package for our employees – it’s a salary and maybe some commission or bonus scheme. This is understandable. It’s the way that things have always been.

But isn’t it about time we rethink our reward practices? Employee motivation for coming to work has changed significantly and the working practices themselves keep transforming so why not also rethink how we reward our people?

In this post we’re going to look at what type of rewards are most common in workplaces and what perhaps businesses could consider to ensure that their reward practices achieve more than just employees showing up for work.

Contractual Holiday – Some Issues to Avoid

We recently wrote about the potential mistakes that employers can make in calculating workers’ holidays entitlements especially when including the Bank Holidays. And whilst you may think this must be the only tricky area that businesses would need to worry about when considering holiday calculations and contractual holiday, we actually have a few more to draw your attention to.

So let’s look at contractual holiday entitlements and contract wording. Your standard contract of employment will have a clause that deals with the holidays and it will usually be pretty brief and will cover all the basics. Whilst the contractual holiday clause is rather short, the actual wording will be important.

UK Skills Gap – The Need to Invest in Management Skills

Articles are appearing in the press with increasing frequency and sense of urgency around the UK skills gap. Much of this is due to Brexit and the fact that the UK has had access to a diverse workforce, pulled from across the EU and it’s possible that our exit from the EU will put an end to this. We’ll need to be more self-sufficient and we need to be thinking now about how we start to make sure that we have the right talent to move us forward. In this blog post we look at this topic in more detail.

Employee Negativity – Employees Do Like to Moan!

Employee negativity is probably something that we have all come across at some point in our careers. No business is immune! It happens in every business and every industry. It can start with just a few conversations but has the potential of spreading widely within the business and permeating into the core culture of a company if it is not stopped.

If you are a people manager, business owner or an HR professional than you should always seek to find ways to root out employee negativity. So what should you do to prevent, manage and get rid of negativity in the workplace?

The Right to be Accompanied – When Does it Apply?

We’ve had a lot of cases recently when questions have arisen regarding an employee’s right to be accompanied at various meetings.

Given that it’s something that has come up quite frequently we thought we’d take this opportunity to provide you with some more information on this right and how it works.