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Author: Jayne Heales

Veganuary – A Fad or a Protected Characteristic?

Many of us, in time-honoured fashion, will be thinking about how we can be healthier and fitter in 2019 after the excesses of the festive season, and some of us may be taking part in Veganuary to help us kick start this new healthy way of life.

Of those who try it, many will declare it not for them come February, but with veganism estimated to have had a 360% rise in the UK during the past decade, we have to consider whether many more people will become vegans in the future and this adds weight to the question of whether veganism should have a protected status in the workplace.

Making Employees Redundant – What are the Alternatives to Redundancy?

We often have clients who contact us about making employees redundant and our first question is always “is it really a redundancy?”

For many employers, redundancy can seem to be an easy option to deal with all manner of situations. A key part of our job is to make sure that this would be a fair redundancy and that redundancy is really what’s needed.

Continuous Service and Redundancy – We Were On a Break!

There’s nothing like a possible redundancy process to make people pay attention to their length of service. For the first time since they signed their employment contract many years previously, employees will be dusting off their employment documentation and double-checking the severance payment calculations their employer has calculated for them. This is often particularly the case when the company redundancy payment on offer is more generous than the statutory sum.

It is at this stage that we often find the continuous service debate raises its head.

Business Continuity Plan – Not a Priority until Your Business can’t Continue!

Putting together a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan is something that many businesses put off. It feels like a low priority and spending time planning for things which you hope will never happen can seem like a luxury. However, it really is a sensible thing to have in place so find out what your plan should cover in this blog post.

Vaping at work – Allowed or Not Allowed?

It’s been 10 years since the introduction of the ban on smoking in public places and indoor work places in the UK, and now the thought of someone ‘lighting up’ in a smoking room in your office building seems quite strange. However, whilst the smoking ban is quite straightforward, the relatively new concept of e-cigarettes, or ‘vaping’, is still causing confusion with employers. Find out what the rules are regarding vaping at work.

Management Training – Just-in-time Development

What do you think of when you think of management training? A nice day out, perhaps with some lunch and coffee, pleasantly listening to someone offering their wisdom on a particular subject? Or uncomfortable chairs, a room temperature that is either arctic or tropical and a few days spent listening to content of which 80% is irrelevant but you need to get through it so as to get to the 20% that is relevant. In this blog post we look at the concept of ‘just in time learning’.